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NOW REMEMBER : THAT THE AIM OF THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY is to understand the needs and issues confronting the Mankind and find lasting suitable solutions.

IN PROUD PAKISTAN : ''INDIA DIRECTLY SPONSORED THE LAHORE BLAST''. And the O'' Captain called for mobilizing international institutions against New Delhi's rogue behaviour.

'' Again, planning and financing of this heinous terror attacks has links to Indian sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan,'' Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote on Twitter. And in the world at large 47 million more women have been pushed into utter and hopeless poverty, said UN Goodwill Ambassador Sabrina Dhowre Elba.

The Heroic Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society have gone up the learning curve and now understand that trying to fathom other states intentions is often a dismal task. And if not dismal, then totally thankless. What is the world supposed to do?

Anxiety and an air of unreality prevails in The World Students Society. As the U.S. troops depart and the Taliban move in, the region and the world is hopelessly apprehensive. 

'' The only thing we learn from history'' - in the words of German philosopher Friedrich Hegel '' is that we learn nothing from history''. Consequently, '' those who fail to learn from history''- as per British PM Sir Winston Churchill '' are condemned to repeat it.''

It seems history is bent upon repeating itself in Afghanistan, with repercussions of unimaginable magnitude. 

And with that, I turn to the United States Policy and Plans and see what Robert C Koehler enumerates in '' Confronting America's Obscene Military Budget.''

 AN END TO WAR? IT'S CERTAINLY NECESSARY, but is it politically possible? The fate of House Resolution 476, introduced by Rep. Barbera Lee, will give us a clue how close 'we', by which I mean the leading military power on the planet, are to transcending our suicidal certainties.

The wording of this bill concludes thus : ''Congress supports moves to reduce the priority given to war in our foreign policy and our current war-based national economy by using significant cuts, up to $350,000,000000. as detailed above, from current budget plans while using the funds to increase our diplomatic capacity and for domestic programs that will keep our Nation and our people safer.''

The bill, introduced in the House on June 15, has been sent off to several committees, the Committee on Armed Services and the Committee on Foreign Affairs, where God knows what, if anything, will happen.

The bill reads as though it were composed in an alternative universe. Here are some of the points it makes as it seeks to justify slicing the bloated defense budget in half.

''...........every hour taxpayers are paying $32,080,000 for the total cost of wars since 2001, and these endless wars have not made Americans safer or brought democracy or stability to the Middle East, indeed they have further destabilized the region and show no sign of actually ending or achieving anything of the long-ago stated goals.

'' .......... interviews with senior military leaders and other senior officials showed many believed the war in Afghanistan to be unwinnable and knowingly misled the public for years.

'' ..............despite concerns about depriving the troops of funding, in 2019, half the military budget went directly to military manufacturing corporations whose top five CEOs in 2018 averaged $22,000,000 in salaries, while 15.3 percent of the members of the Armed Forces serving on active duty and their families reported they were food insecure.'''

And so much more.

In response to the cynical gasps I imagine I hear as I ponder this legislation, I note to myself : Well, this is a good start. Peace activities have been struggling for political traction, which is to say political sanity, for my entire lifetime, and no doubt well beyond that.

When it comes to politics, narrow thinking rules! We have enemies out there. And the only way to handle an enemy is to clobber it into submission ........ then move onto the next one.

NOT EVEN Albert Einstein could penetrate this among ignorance. Splitting the atom, he realized, was only part of the discovery process ........ the easy part. With the development of nuclear weapons, humanity had placed itself .......... placed the entire living planet ...... on the brink of non-existence.

Now it needed to expand its awareness socially and politically.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Wars and Future, continues. The World Students Society thanks authors, Kamran Yususf, Saleem Safi, Errol Morris and of course, Robert C Koehler.

With most respectful and loving dedication O'' Captain Imran Khan, to the Heroic Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society : Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Lakshmi, Saima, Sarah, Sahar, Zilli, Hussain, Ali, Shahzaib, Vishnu, Bilal, Jordan, Salar, Sanan, Hamza, Zaeem, Danyial and then Students, Professors, and Teachers of the world.

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