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STUDENTS = MC2. SO - HOW MANKIND AND THE WORLD BLOSSOMS in the years ahead will totally depend on the quantum the students bring to The World Students Society.

Just watch the quantum of Indian, Pakistani, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Israel, Spain, Afghanistan, and Senegal students, [to name a few] as a particle or as a wave. Are the Global Founder Framers a particle or a wave?

So, if 'mass' is a relative thing, what is the reality of the ''real world'? Perhaps, the urge to ascertain the 'real' has led physicists to come up with the Standard Model, which does not look so much like a chart of subatomic particles, but rather a chart of their observed properties of behavior.

Physicist have often said that 'nobody understands quantum mechanics,' that must be true, because before we could know what it actually means, it has branched into several branches that have made the comprehension of the ideas within it even more cumbersome - as if the more physicists try to find simpler solutions, the more they are entangled deeper in the paradoxical world of the quantum!

Nevertheless, the human mind urges us to comprehend phenomenon even when empirical evidence is not there.

EVER SINCE THE 1960s DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT [DSE] - reality has not been the same. The fact that single electrons shot through a setting of two slits, accumulatively made a wave-pattern on the screen-

But when a beam of detector light was put across the slits, the wave function of the electrons collapsed and they behaved as particles again - has lead to two conclusions, one that particles have a dual  particle/wave behavior, and the other that two electrons or quantum particles change their behavior when they find an observer / detector in their settings.

In fact in 1924, De Broglie postulated that E = MC2, that Einstein had postulated in 1005, actually meant that as energy and mass are interchangeable, meaning that like all particles [with masses] can behave as waves, all waves can behave as particle too.

Following that, in the Copenhagen interpretation [1924- 27], Neil Bohr and Heisenberg came up with the conclusion that light is neither a particle nor a wave, rather it is the experimental setting that will force it to behave either as a particle [ photon] or a wave, and the DSE on electrons further proved this conclusion.

It was also concluded that both the wave or particle properties are present in the substance, in the form of probabilities/possibilities, and only 'one' of them is exhibited, depending upon the 'observer'.

This 'behavior' of subatomic particles and the and the photons of light, invites  us to think if the aspects of the matter that are 'observable' and that make the existence of matter 'real' for us - like their being particles, having mass and weight, or being waves carrying some form of energy - are external properties of the real substance!

A simple analogy would be like a person has both possibilities of good and bad mood in him/her, but only one of the moods is exhibited uniquely to an observer entering the room, probably because it is the observer who is making the person happy or angry - so is what the observer observes, an intrinsic property of the person or just a superfluous 'behavior' caused by the presence of the observer?

In other words, is the mass of a subatomic particle, just a form of its 'behavior' and not a 'real' property?

Questions arise that if the electron passes the double slits as a wave, what happens to its mass that moment! One would think that at a moment when the electron was passing the slits, it had turned massless, or one could say that it simply 'ceased to exist'.

Interestingly, in this experiment the electron was made to move with 40% of the speed of the light - though a lot of speed, still it is not enough for the particles to be converted into a wave as predicted by E = MC2. Rather it seems that the electron is at will  to keep changing its form from mass to wave and back whenever it seems it deems.

So, if 'mass' is a relative thing, what is the reality of the 'real world'.

One can say that many times physics works reverse-engineering - like, if mass is not an intrinsic property of the subatomic particles, and perhaps it appears with some sort of interaction with something else, and if that something is as widely distributed as all matter in the universe, then perhaps that something be a field, spread throughout.

That field was mathematically constructed as the Higgs Field, a field of force-carrying waves that should exist throughout space.

And somehow when this field interacts with that of the electrons, their wave-function collapses and they come to acquire mass - and all this would be happening in the measure of plank lengths, which is on a scale of 10 - 35 of a metre.

And the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012 stamped on the validity of the theory.

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