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THE BASIC QUESTON IS : HOW TO VERIFY THE WORLD'S CLAIMS - A COMPANY'S CLAIMS OF ETHICAL PRACTICES. Well, In the court of public opinion - and on the World Students Society, companies do have to respond.

Vital Farms says on its website that its egg and butter ''are delicious, ethical food you don't have to question.''

But a lawsuit filed against the company on May 20 claims that Vital Farms' marketing has misled consumers and investors into believing that they are supporting a company that is more ethical and humane than it actually is.

Vital Farms responded that it has operated in an ethical and humane way and that it has always been transparent about its practice of raising hens to lay eggs.

But the lawsuit, brought on behalf of a group of consumers who felt they were deceived by Vital Farms, raises a point for investors seeking to put their money into companies that have environmentally conscious business practices.

What criteria need to be met for an investment to satisfy an environmental, social and governance screen known as E.S,G.?

Any company that says it is operating in an ethical way should be able to prove that claim is true or face charges of greenwashing, a term that implies deception.

But it's not always clear-cut. Does a fossil fuel company that is making strides to invest in renewable energy and is doing more than its competitors make the cut?

Can a solar company have problematic human resources practices? Should investors demand that a company that holds itself out as ethical to be pure and consistent in all it does, or do growing companies simply get too complex to be entirely consistent?

"The onus is on the investor to do our work and research,'' said Cheryl Smith, an economist and portfolio manager at Trillium Asset Management, which manages $4.3 billion with an emphasis on socially responsible companies.

''In terms of looking to do investing that is sustainable, responsible and in line with whatever principles you're trying to express, the real key is to do the diligence on the investment.''

Richard Stone, a lawyer in Jupiter Island, Fla, and the litigation arm of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals contend in their suit that Vital Farms treatment of chickens is inconsistent with company's advertising, which gives the impression that its chicken roam free and live a pampered life.

The image, the suit argues, allows the company, which went public in August with a valuation of $1.3 billion [that has since fallen to about $845 million], to charge a premium price for its eggs.

''Our ambition is get advertising and marketing correct,'' Mr. Stone said. ''Vital Farms is somewhat of a darling of the E.S.G. movement. They only thing they do differently than Costco eggs is they allow the chickens to have grass. There are still do many chickens and too little access outside.''

The suit outlines practices at Vital Farms that are common at other egg producers but, it says, are not ethical. The company, the suit claims, cuts the beaks of chickens, so they don't peck at one another, obtains chicks from hatcheries that kill male chicks that aren't edible and doesn't lay eggs, and sells its hens for slaughter when they're 18 months old.

Vital Farms said in a statement that it intended to contest the accusations and that its practices had been independently audited.

''We are transparent about what happens to male chicks as well as what happens once hens reach their post-laying life,'' the statement said.

As for the industry- standard practice of dulling the tips of hens' beaks, that is not done to harm the birds, but to protect them.'' It added, ''We are pleased to offer products that value animals including by providing hens a meaningfully better life than the confinement they would face in the industrialized food system.''

Nisha Devarajan, a spokeswoman for Vital Farms, declined to go beyond the statement or to make the executives named in the suit available to talk, citing the litigation.

What the investors can do involves the same type of the diligence they do with any investment, just through a sustainable lens. Doug Heske, chief executive at Newday Impact, which manages $250 million with a sustainable strategy, said the firm not only looks at how a company treats its shareholders but also the people who contribute to that company.

''For us as an organization, there's this common thread that runs through most companies that behave in a responsible way, and it's rooted in long term decisions and strategies,'' he said.

''That's a driver of returns. There's no such thing as a perfect publicly traded company.''

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