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IT IS BY FAR THE GREATEST OF PRIVILEGES AND HONORS for the Global Founder Framers and I - to nominate and endow on President Barack H Obama - the life long membership of The World Students Society.

And it is also an exhilarating and delightful honor for the Global Founder Framers and I, to entrust Student and Founder Salar Khan Yusufzai to most humbly and respectfully inform President Barack H Obama with our great wishes and prayers for him and his lovely family.

I must also proudly mention that Student Salar Khan Yusufzai already has a Letter of Appreciation and Admiration from President Obama for his devotion and execution of some very needed social work.

The World Students Society rises to give President Barack H Obama a resounding standing ovation for his great creative devotion, and support to global humanitarian concerns.

CHAD JONES - AN ECONOMIST AT STANFORD, argues that a global population decline could reduce the fundamental innovativeness of humankind.

The theory is simple : Without enough people, the font of new ideas dries up, Jones argues; without new ideas, progress could be imperiled.

There are more direct ways that slow growth can hurt any country. As a country's population grows heavy with retiring older people and light with younger people, you get a problem of too many eaters and too few cooks.

Programs for seniors like Social Security and Medicare may suffer as they become dependent on ever -fewer working taxpayers for funding. Another problem is the lack of people to do all the work.

For instance, experts predict a major shortage of health care workers, especially home care workers, who will be needed to help the aging nation.

In a recent report, Ali Noorani, the chief executive of the National Immigration Forum, in America, an immigration-advocacy group, and a co-author Danilo Zak, say that increasing legal immigration by slightly more than a third each year would keep America's ratio of working young people to retired old people stable over the next four decades.

The Census Bureau projected that the United States would welcome about one million legal immigrants by 2020, under Noorani's proposal that number would be 1.37 million people. Is that a lot? Not by historical standards.

According to figures compiled by the Cato Institute's David Bier, since the Revolutionary War in 1783, the United States average annual rate of legal immigration has has been about 0.4 of the population.

For its current population, that would amount to about 1.33 million people, pretty close to Noorani's proposal.

The word has been stricken by scarcity. For example, America's post-pandemic pantry has run bare of gasoline, lumber, microchips, chicken wings, ketchup packets, cat food, used cars, and Chick-fil- A sauce.

Like the Great Toilet Paper Scare of 2020, though, many of these shortages are the consequences of near term, Covid-related disruptions. Soon enough there will again be a chicken-wing in every pot and more than enough condiments to go with it.

But there is one recently announced potential shortage that should give Americans great reason for concern. It is a shortfall that the nation has rarely had to face, and nobody quite knows how things will work when we begin to run out.

I speak, of course, of all of us. The world may be running low on Americans - most crucially, tomorrow's working age, childbearing, idea generating, community building, young Americans.

Late last month, the Census Bureau released the first results from its 2020 count, and the numbers confirmed what demographers have been warning of for years. The United States is undergoing ''demographic stagnation,'' transitioning from a relatively fast-growing country of young people to a slow growing, older nation.

Many Americans might consider slow growth a blessing. Your city could already be packed to the gills, the roads clogged with traffic, and housing prices shooting through the roof. Why does America need more folks? And, anyway, aren't the Americans supposed to be conserving resources on a planet whose climate is changing?

Yet demographic stagnation could lead to its own high-costs, among them a steady reduction in dynamism, productivity and a slowdown in national and individual prosperity, even a diminishment of global power.

And there is no real-reason for Americans to endure such a transition, not even an environmental one. Even if your own city is packed like tinned fish, the U.S. overall can accommodate millions more people.

Most of the counties in the U.S. are losing working - age adults; if these declines persist, local economies will falter, tax bases will dry up, and local governments will struggle to maintain services. 

Growth is not just an option but a necessity - it's not just that America can afford to have more people, it may be that America can't afford not to.

But how does a country get more people? There are two ways : Make them, and invite them in. Increasing the first is relatively difficult - birthrates are declining across the world, and while family -friendly policies may be beneficial for many reasons,  they seem to do little to get people to have more babies.

On the second-method, though, the United States enjoys a significant advantage - people around the globe have long been clamoring to live in America, notwithstanding its government's recent hostility to foreigners.

This fact presents a relatively simple policy solution to a vexing long-term issue : America needs more people, and the world has people to send. All America has to do is let them in.

For decades, the United States has enjoyed a significant economic advantage over other industrialized nations - its population was growing faster, which suggested a more youthful and more prosperous future.

But in the last decade, American fertility has gone down. At the same time there has been a slowdown in immigration.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The State-Of-The-World and the Future, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Farhad Manjoo.

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