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''' '' BEAST'S !WOW!

 BEAUTY '' '''

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JIMMY DONALDSON - A YOUTUBE MEGASTAR better known as Mr. Beast, operates six YouTube channels with names like Mr. Beast. Mr. Beast Shorts and Beast Reacts that together have 91 million subscribers.

People have viewed his videos more than 13 billion times. And last year as the pandemic raged, he became the most subscribed YouTube creator in the United States.

But unlike many other YouTubers, who have been satisfied with social media success, Mr. Donaldson wants more.

''I really want to be Elon one day,'' he wrote last year on Twitter, referring to Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla and Space X and one of the world's richest people. Mr. Donaldson later listed Mr. Musk as his dream collaborator.

To be more like Elon, Mr. Donaldson has been busy using his brand to make inroads in the business and tech worlds. He has introduced a mobile game app and a ''ghost kitchen'' chain, MrBeastBrurger, which has sold more than one million burgers.

In March he became an adviser to a financial network that provides business tools to online content creators. Last month, he signed a deal with a company to distribute his content across a range of social media platforms.

What Mr. Donaldson is doing may serve as a blueprint for the next generation of creators and influencers, who now number more than 50 million around the world and have become a formidable business force. The creator economy is the ''fastest-growing type of small business,'' according to a report last year by SignalFire, a venture capital firm.

Mr. Beast is one of those creators who's an incredibly savvy entrepreneur,'' said Wayne Hu, a partner at SignalFire. ''He's go a fantastic content strategy, but at the same time he's equally innovative and prolific in the experiment's he's running to monetize his audience.''

Yet Mr. Donaldson's rise as a creator entrepreneur, like that of many a YouTuber of his ilk, has been far from smooth. His early videos and posts were criticized for their use of slurs and offensive jokes.

Several former employees said the working conditions at his companies - Mr. Donaldson has set up a variety of corporate entities including MrBeast YouTube, Mr. Beast Crypto and Rubber Duck Company. - have been rife with favoritism and bullying.

''I think Mr. Beast inspires all of Gen Z,'' said Josh Richards, 19, a TikTok creator in Los Angeles with nearly 25 million followers. ''He's giving a lot of kids anew path to take, to teach these young kids on how to be entrepreneurial, not just get a lot of views or become famous.''

To crack YouTube's recommendation algorithms, he initially cycled through different genres of video making. He posted videos of himself playing games like Call of Duty, commented on YouTube drama, uploaded funny video compilations and livestreamed himself reacting to videos on the Internet.

Then in 2018, he mastered the format that would make him a star : stunt philanthropy. Mr. Donaldson filmed himself giving away thousands of dollars in cash to random people, including his Uber driver or people experiencing homelessness, capturing their shock and joy in the process. The money initially came from brand sponsorships.

It turned out to be a perfect viral recipe that mixed money, a larger-than-life persona and wholesome reactions. Millions began watching his YouTube videos, Mr. Donaldson soon rebranded himself as ''YouTube's biggest philanthropists.''

The combination was also lucrative. Though Mr. Donaldson gave away increasingly large amounts -from $100,000 to $1 million - he made it all back and more with the advertising that ran alongside the videos. He also sold merchandise like socks [$18], water bottles [$27] and T-shirts [$28].

Once you know how to make a video go viral, it's just how to get as many out as possible,'' he told Bloomberg in December. ''You can practically make unlimited money.''

In March, Mr. Donaldson teamed up with the Creative Juice financial network to introduce Juice Funds, a $2 million investment fund that offers creators up to $250,000 in exchange for equity in their YouTube channels.

Many fans praised him on social media for personally investing his money, though the fund came from Creative Juice investors.

His primary YouTube channel alone is generating up to $3.1 million a month, according to data from SocialBlade, a YouTube analytics service. At the current rate of growth, Mr. Donaldson is projected to overtake PewDiePie is as the most subscribed creator in the world in the next year, according to SocialBlade.

''He believes that you can do whatever you want in today's environment.,'' said Dee Murthy, chief executive of the Five Four Group, a brand incubator in Los Angeles. ''There will be more Mr. Beasts, Mr. Murthy added.

''You are going to see this proliferation of creator's creating these very disruptive businesses,'' he said.

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