Headline, May 18 2021/ ''' '' ALL MOTHERS'- *MOVING APP '' '''

''' '' ALL MOTHERS'-

 *MOVING APP '' '''

ONE MOTHER'S RANT AT ONLINE learning is every parent's. ''I'm falling to pieces she broadcast from her home. The web replied : 'SAME'.

'' LISTEN IT'S NOT WORKING THIS DISTANCE LEARNING THING. SERIOUSLY - It's impossible!'' she begins exasperated.

''All day long it's, 'How is the child feeling? He's spending the entire day on his cellphone - he's fine! Sleeping fine, eating fine - they won't stop eating. How he's feeling?! Ask me how I am feeling! I am falling to pieces!''

Even the interview started in a way that was indicative of our current shared global reality.

''Ziv, you need to get to help him get into the Zoom!'' Shiri Kenigsberg Levi yelled at her husband across the room in her home. ''There's a birthday party - they sent a link!''

You've most likely seen Levi on your Instagram feed. Or on Twitter. Or on Facebook. Levi has four children, two computers and a never ending pile of WhatsApp messages from their teachers.

You've most likely seen Levi on your Instagram feed. Or on Twitter. Or on Facebook. Levi has four children, two computers and a never ending pile of WhatsApp messages from their teachers.

Her 90-second diatribe on the trials and tribulations of online learning has ricocheted around the world as the coronavirus had forced parents and children to learn and work at home.

Her video filmed on a whim in her car, has been translated into more than 20 languages and been seen millions of times across platforms.

She filmed the video about three weeks ago, on her second day of remote learning.

''I was surprised it went viral here,'' she said over the phone. She had filmed the video when two of her children had asked for some quiet time inside and Levi had gone outside with her other two children.

While trying to persuade her son to do his math homework, she received another new assignment on WhatsApp. That's when she told her children she needed a minute. She went into the car, propped her phone up, and hit record. She then uploaded the video to a Facebook group where she frequently posts short videos, and didn't think much of it.

''If I knew Victoria Beckham would put me in one of her Instagram stories, I would have gotten a blowout, put on a nice short, some makeup.''

Levi is not alone in her exhaustion.

The pandemic has forced employees and students to stay home. Parents around the world are trying to balance an impossible number of responsibilities as everyone tries to stave off cabin fever.

There are no more after-school activities, no more sports, and for many families, no more nannies or babysitters to help with caretaking. There are no real breaks for anyone, and no escapes either.

''I go from one child to the other - here's science, here's math - how am I supposed to know all of these things?'' Levi continues in the video, ''Now our children will find out how dumb we are. It's not right, really!''

Many of the retweets and shares have the identical message in different languages : ''Same.''

Levi has responded to her newfound fans around the world, in places like Belgium, India, Korea and Taiwan. She listed cities and described letters with bewilderment and pride. She's even filmed a commercial for a telecommunications company, in her home, of course.

Over the phone, she was clear that the video was in good humour, even if ''someone with four children doesn't stand a chance to get through all of it.''

Levi is a special-education teacher herself - she has been awarded a prestigious national award for her work - and she knows exactly how hard teachers are working to try to keep their students on the right track academically.

While she is shuffling between her own children and their classes, Levi is sending assignments to her own students.

''The teachers are working hard these days,'' Levi said, stressing that teachers are eager to get back to normalcy when it's safe to do so. ''Remote teaching is not easy, at all. But most of the teachers are also parents, so they understand both sides.''

The one thing Levi still doesn't have a handle on? Instruments.

''The music teacher of my youngest sent over a musical score this morning. What am I going to do with that information?'' she said in the video. ''What, do I have some kind of a band in the house? I can't read music! Just one second, let me pull out my clarinet and help my sons with his score.''

Late last month, she confirmed that she still does not, in fact, have a band, nor has she figured out what to do with sheet music.

Levi said she doesn't know if her children's music teacher saw her video, but she has yet to receive additional sheet music.

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