Headline, May 13 2021/ STUDENTS : ''' '' THE -DOGECOIN- TAP '' '''


''' '' THE -DOGECOIN- TAP '' '''


On The World Students Society - for every subject in the world - the basic question is : how to find new uses for the crypto in life and living and education to enable the students for a wholesome bright future.

When United States government regulators late last year accused one of the world's most popular cryptocurrency platforms of illegally selling $1.4 billion worth of digital money to investors.

It was a pivotal moment in efforts to crack down on a fast-growing market - and in the still-nascent industry's willingness to dive deeply into the Washington influence game.

The company, Ripple Labs, has enlisted lobbyists, lawyers and other well connected advocates to make its case to the regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and beyond in one of the first big legal battles over what limits and requirements the government should set for trading and using digital currency.

''There is a tectonic shift underway,'' Perianne Boring, the president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, a cryptocurrency lobbying group, told other industry lobbyists, executives, two house lawmakers who serve as industry champions, during a virtual gathering last month.

''If we don't start planning and taking action soon, we have everything to risk.''

Globally, the value of all outstanding cryptocurrencies has jumped to about $2.4 trillion - or more than the approximately $1.2 trillion in United States currency in circulation worldwide - from about $200 billion two years ago.

This is from an industry that was born only a dozen years ago, when the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was introduced.

''CRYPTOCURRENCIES HAVE GOT LOT MORE institutional involvement than [many, many] people believe,'' disclosed Pepperstone Head of Research Chris Moneston.

WASHINGTON : Ethereum breaks $4,000 to hit record high : The second-largest coin jumped more than 6% on expectations of wider use.

Cryptocurrency ethereum brake $4,000 for the first time on Monday, climbing to a new pek for a third day in a row on a bets it may find new uses, although some analysts said it was overvalued at current levels.

Ethereum, the second-largest coin by market capitalization, jumped more than 6% to just below $4,175, and was last up around 2%.

It has soared this year, fuelled by the expectations of wider use, based in part on its role in decentralised finance - ''DeFi'' - platforms that facilitate crypto-denominated landing outside traditional banking.

An upcoming technical change to its software seen as reducing its supply has also provided a boost, while new institutional investors in the crypto sector have warmed to it amid a tepid quarter so far for bitcoin.

''{Crypto has} got a lot more institutional involvement than people who have not followed the market believe,'' said Pepperstone Head of Research Chris Weston.

''And everyone's been in ethereum. It is not a meme joke coin, it has some application use,'' he added, referring to its role in DEFI.

But some analysts said ethereum's increasing valuation was not underpinned by data of how widely it is used.

'' The continued divergence in its price relative network activity raises questions about its valuation,'' JP Morgan analysts wrote in a report to clients dated May7. Factors such as the number of active digital addresses in its network would be more consistent with a price of around $1,000, the US bank said.

In the crypto world, the terms ''ethereum'' and ''ether'' have become synonymous. Technically, ethereum is the blockchain network in which applications are embedded, while ether is the token or the currency that enables or drives the use of of these applications.


Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, rose to a three week high above $59,600 on Monday, Dogecoin, a recent outperformer, stabilized after losses on Sunday after comments by Tesla Inc, Chief Eon Musk on the Sunday Night Live TV show, where he said it was a ''hustle''.

Smaller cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, known as ''altcoins'', have been in demand in the past few weeks, pushing bitcoin's share of the overall $2.5 trillion digital currency market to its lowest in around two years.

Dogecoin, which began as a social media joke in 2013, is up more than 700% in the last month. It was last trading at $0.51, after tumbling 38% in the last 24 hours on Musk's comments.

It later steadied after Musk's commercial rocket company SpaceX said it would accept the meme-inspired cryptocurrency dogecoin as payment.

The meme-based coin has become the fourth - largest digital currency, with a market capitalization of $69 billion, according to CoinMarkeyCap. It hit a record high on Thursday above $0.73.

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