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THE WORLD JUST CAN'T OVERESTIMATE how dangerous it is for the extremists, mischief mongers, criminals, crooks, fake news spreaders, con artists, snake oil salesmen, drug traffickers and [on and on I can go] to get a haven.

A new novel about 2034 has unnerving echoes of today's headlines : So If you are looking for a compelling beach read this summer, I recommend the novel ''2034'' by James Stavridis, a retired Admiral, and Elliot Ackerman, a former Marine Intelligence officer.

Is there a war coming between China and the U.S.?

'' THE INCENTIVE TO LIE - CHEAT - STEAL - HOAX AND SCAM is very high when the cash is easy to acquire,'' said Joan Donovan, a Harvard University researcher who studies disinformation and online extremism.

Twitch viewers support streamers through monthly subscriptions of $5, $10 or $25 to their channels, or by donating '' bits '', a Twitch currency that can be converted to real money.

The site also runs advertisements during streams. The platform and streamers split the revenue from the ads and subscription. It is difficult to determine how much money individual streamers earn from their Twitch channels, but some of the far-right personalities have made many thousands of dollars.

By viewing chat logs of streams that denote when a new user has subscribed, Ms. Oh has tallied at least $26,000 in subscriptions for Ms. Maras-Lindeman since December and about $5,000 in ''bit'' donations before Twitch took its cut.

Ms. Weaver has earned nearly $3,000 since she began streaming regularly on Twitch in March, according to Ms. Oh's tally, and Mr. Paine has made at least $5,000.

Those numbers do not account for money made in other ways, such as through Square's Cash App or Ms. Weaver's online Merchandise store.

Twitch generally has stricter rules than other social media platforms for the kinds of views that users can express. It temporarily suspended Mr. Trump's account for ''hateful conduct'' last summer, months before Facebook and Twitter made similar moves.

Its community guidelines prohibit hateful conduct and harassment Ms. Clemens said Twitch was developing a misinformation policy.

This month, Twitch announced a policy that would allow it to suspend the accounts of people who committed crimes or severe offenses in real life or any other social media platforms, including violent extremism or membership in a known hate group. Twitch said it did not consider QAnon to be a hate group.

Ms. Maras-Lindeman, who is barred from Twitter, averaged about 3,000 viewers a broadcast in March , and her live video broadcast quickly became one of the 1,200 most popular channels across all of Twitch. Her streams are often akin to extended monologues about current events.

Sometimes the ''O'' in her ''Toresays'' username is replaced with a fiery ''Q'' and uses the slogan ''Where we go one, we go all,'' both symbols of the QAnon movement.

She has encouraged her viewers to find legal avenues to throw Ohio legislators out of office because, she said, they were elected using illegitimate voting machines.

''You want a great reset? Here it is. We're going to do it our way, and that's by eliminating you,'' she said during one January stream.

Aside from money made on Twitch, Ms. Maras-Lindeman's fans donated more than $84,000 for her birthday through a GoFundMe campaign.

In an email, Ms. Maras-Lindeman disputed the characterization of her as a member of the far right and said she did not advocate violence.

''It is not a crime to discuss science and challenge popular current narratives or express my thoughts and opinions,'' she said.

On a recent stream, Ms. Maras-Lindeman addressed questions emailed to her for this article. She said she was a ''centrist'' who was simply encouraging her viewers to become more politically active.

Mr. Paine's channel has more than 14,000 followers and is rife with conspiracy theories about vaccines and cancer. In one stream, he and a guest encouraged viewers to drink a bleach solution that is claimed to cure cancer and that the US. Food and Drug Administration has said it is dangerous.

Last week, he referred to a QAnon belief that people are killing children to ''harvest'' a chemical compound from them, and then talked about a ''criminal cabal'' controlling the government, saying people do not understand ''what plane of existence they come from.''

Mr. Paine, who is barred from Twitter and YouTube, has also asked his Twitch audience to donate to the House campaign of J.R. Majewski in Toledo, Ohio, who attracted attention last year for painting his lawn to look like a Trump campaign banner.

Mr. Majewski has appeared on Mr. Paine's streams, where they vape, chat about Mr. Majewski's campaign goals and take calls from listeners.

''He is exactly the type of person that we need to get in Washington D.C, so that we can supplant these evil cabal criminal actors and actually run our own country,'' Mr. Paine said on one stream.

So as the world goes on in rotation, the Extremists speak out and cash in on Twitch. With restrictions on other social media, many find it a great safe haven.

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