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AT THE FLEETING HOST : PROUD PAKISTAN - I am so very grateful to all the revered corporate flag ships for inviting me over and over again to visit and partake some wisdom.

Time allotted to mortals is a concern. And with aging has come the wisdom, that life is made of time. And it's one helluva scary and scarce resource. But when and if I can perform this very responsible deeds, I will probably drop by unobserved and unidentified.. ! All this as a mark of great respect !.

I am told over and over again, and yet again, that 'Corporate world is far too important, to be simply left to the corporate chieftains'.

IN RIP VAN WINKLE, WASHINGTON IRVING - wrote : ''A tart temper never mellows with age, and a sharp tongue is the edged tool that grows keener with constant use'' wrong can never beget right. No good can ever come from evil.

At my Alma mater, as an example the new joiners were forced by the seniors to eat a dozen samosas [triangular patties] in one go, without taking a sip of any cola or water. The sight of eyes swelling with tears of excruciating discomfort were the source of joy for the seniors.

However, a few ''professional raggers,'' who have earned a reputation of being the best badgers, carry this trait to their professional lives. Hence, we see the bullies in the business world, while most of them; however, get into the arena of politics, where it is an essential trait to possess.

These tormentors at work place behave differently in different environments. If it is a sole proprietorship, their bullying activities will be in tandem with seeking of the good pleasure of the [Seth] owner. If it is a more defined and regulated entity like, say, the limited companies, then modus operandi will be altered to suit the exigencies of their respective management's demands.

Bullies do not have to be necessarily your bosses. Yes, indeed there is bullying undertaken by your peers and to have more spice in your lives, the juniors also join in the foray.

To cite an example of soft bullying by a junior, there are situations where your junior is proficient in certain area of operation [these are usually the jealous and envious rankers], if he/she decides not -

Not to deliver their output on to your table, at the right and designated time; your part of the work can suffer, virtually giving you a bad name - if such an event were to happen, the bullies have reason for collective celebration.

The corporate ruffians, who are visible and known, I refer to them as over the surface subjugators Those who are not visible on the floor and are also not pronouncedly known as bullies, I refer to them as the subterranean operators, who act more as 'submarines', but who possess very powerful active periscopes to capture opportunities for soft bullying.

He that seeks trouble never misses. Bullying can be as dangerous a corporate pandemic as Covid-19 , for it enters like a needle and spreads like an oak tree.

The persecutor-in-chiefs [can be the manager, or the CEO] primary methodology to harass is to ensure deliberate and unwanted late sitting. The simply love to torture colleagues by procrastination of work to to the later part of the day.

By and large, bullies are loud in expression; they are imposing and intimidating in demeanour.

I had one a peer, who was a patented bully as part of the recruitment panel, he would literally roll up his sleeves while asking questions to the poor interviewee, with elbows placed on the table and a posture of leaning forward, he would convey-

With bulging eyes, his intention to devour him/her for having dared to appear in the interview. Tormentors are rough in conversation, politeness, if any, resides in their backyards. The use of foul language, laced with expletives is their hallmark.

The aggressive ones stab in the back too, their hour of calling to do this heinous act is usually at the time of annual performance appraisal exercise, where they strike with either awarding low performance rating or put a stop to transfers and promotions. This is one format of bullying by retaliation.

From Aespo's Fable story, ''The Swallow and Other Birds'', all of us have learnt the moral, ''Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.''

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