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! WIPING AWAY TEARS ! : EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY MISERABLY FAILED the great, simple, and innocent, and hardworking, the intelligent, the betrayed, the People of Mother India :

CRIMINALIZED FAILURE for All Leaders, at every level, the Constitution, all critical institutions, all of India's great sons and daughters, Bollywood, the Civil Society, and the Media, and the Healthcare system, and the corporations, and the reality of existence and survival, and the zero planning of any sort.

The World Students Society joins the people of India heart and soul in their sufferings and hopes that no matter how they feel and suffer and die, they should never lose calm and poise. What they truly need is prayers, a level head, strictly observing SOPs, and making clear and wise choices.

THE WORLD MOVES IN STRANGE WAYS. THERE are small events - called ''butterfly'' events with - oversized implications like the fat-laden rifle cartridge that led to the Indian War of Independence in 1857. And then -

And then, there are moments called ''Suez'' moments - that catapult an existing order with historic implications. The coronavirus pandemic is a Suez moment whose implications are unfolding with tremendous uncertainty. Its ramifications are being vigorously debated, as summed up by Patrick Wintour of The Guardian.

The central idea of response to the pandemic is to ''do it together''. No country can go at it alone, as no measures of sealing borders, isolation, strict adherence to the SOPs and hoarding medical supplies, etc, would ever protect us from a pathogen that is universal in its reach, and is there to stay.

This pandemic of the digital age, spins our scientific knowledge upside down, as the ''unseen being'' mutates and recreates itself in shocking ways.

The onslaught of the virus challenges the contemporary ''competing ideologies'', power blocks, leaders and systems of social cohesion'' in an epoch-making manner..... with our global village exceedingly drifting towards towards an uncertain and foggy future, after inconclusive tests and trials.

In their feel-good appeals, leaders are promising to emerge stronger from this calamity. There are renewed calls for more investment in the healthcare systems and the associated supply chains.

The international drug-manufacturing multinationals like Pfizer are accused of politicising the vaccine distribution; and all others are mostly driven by the profit-motive.....from a vaccine, whose efficacy against the deadly Covid-19 is yet to be proved. 

Europe is retreating back to its core and ethnic identities, contracting the global village, painstakingly created after the Treaty of Maastricht [1992]. We witnessed Russia and China coming to rescue Spain and Italy rather than their treaty brothers in the European Union, when these nations badly needed medical supplies.

The world awaits the new rules of the business after the pandemic is over.... an elusive goal in itself, given the dysfunctional relations among the big powers...the United States, China, Russia and the EU.

Virus-containment successes by other Confucian states like Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, etc, where life is more organised, people are subjected to digital surveillance and authority is revered, indicate the effectiveness of a strong central order [read : authoritarianism in some cases] as opposed to a liberal democratic order.

Concentration of production of drugs and medical supplies in fewer countries is another area of concern. The world has to deal with its drawbacks once the supply chain is stressed or obstructed, as witnessed in the devastating supply crisis in India recently.

Even the ''import-dependent'' export powerhouses like South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, are affected by shortages in the raw materials. The crisis puts to question the operational capacities and effectiveness of organizations like the WHO and UN.

Hoarding medical supplies for in-country usage only and export limits on raw materials, badly needed elsewhere for vaccine production, is pure and callous selfishness. By protecting ourselves and leaving others to fate, we enhance our own vulnerability.

To paraphrase, the Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez, ''a first-class cabin will not protect you when the whole ship begins its sink.''

The Sad AND TRAGIC Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The-State- of- the-World and Lessons, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Inam Ul Haque, major general retired.

With Prayerful and most respectful dedication to Great and Brave People of India, with even more prayers, and then Mankind, and then Students, Professors and Teachers of the World.

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''' Equality - Equates '''

Good Night and God Bless

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