Temple bells ting after 74 years as a renovated mandir in Rawalpindi's old city area is handed over to Hindu community.

Rawalpindi : Bells rang and bhajans sounded in front of the portrait of deity Durga in the ancient temple Bhabra Bazar last Thursday after almost 74 years.

Over a century old Hindu Temple in the Purana Qila locality of Rawalpindi's ancient's Bhabra Bazaar was reopened for the Hindu community after 74 years, officials said.

The Hindu community celebrated the occasion by performing their religious rituals at the restored Temple. The Hindu Temple was uninhabited since 1947 while the encroachment mafia had occupied the surroundings of the temple over time.

The Purana Qila temple is over 100-year old, said an officer of the district administration. The interior of the Hindu worship site had dilapidated while all entrance and exit points were blocked by illegally constructed shops.

Hindu leader Om Prakash said that the Hindu community of Rawalpindi was extremely happy with the restoration of the historic temple. He said that the community members would now perform all religious rites with complete freedom.

He added the community members celebrated Holi Hardik Shubh in the temple. And he thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for rehabilitating the temple.

Prakash said the Hindus enjoyed all rights in Pakistan and faced no hurdles in performing religious rights.

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