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How to serve billions of students the world over - [and come good on the promise] of giving them a regular income from online equity : innovations, inventions, e-commerce, content and building apps. We may then feel that the world has turned a corner in its travail.

NAMOI BARON - PROFESSOR EMERITA OF LINGUISTICS at American University and author of a new book : ''How We Read Now : Strategic Choices for Print, Screen and Audio,'' sees ''two components, the physical medium and the mind-set we bring to bring to reading on that medium - and everything else sort of follows from that.''

In this pandemic year, parents have been watching - often anxiously - their children's increasing reliance on screens for every aspect of their education. It can feel as if there's no turning back to the time when learning involved hitting actual books.

But the format children/students read in can make a difference in how they absorb information.

Because we use screens for social purposes and for amusement, we all - adults and children - get used to absorbing online material, much of which was designed to be read quickly and casually, without much effort.

And then we tend to use that same approach to on-screen reading with harder material that we need to learn from, to slow down with, to absorb more carefully. A result can be that we don't give the material the right kind of attention.


With younger children, Professor Baron said, it makes sense to stick with print as much as possible. [Full disclosure : As the national medical director of the program Reach Out and Read, I believe fervently in the value of print reading books to young children.]

Print, she said makes it easier for parents and children to interact with language, questions and answers - what is called ''dialogic reading.'' Further, many apps and e-books have too many distractions.

Dr. Jenny Radsky, a developmental behavioral pediatrician who is an assistant professor of pediatrics at Michigan Medicine C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, said that apps designed to teach reading in the early years of school rely on ''gamification meant to keep children engaged.''

And though they do successfully teach core skills, she said, ''what has been missing in remote schooling in the classroom context, the teacher as meaning maker, to tie it all together, helping it to be more meaningful to you, not just bunch of curricular components you've mastered.''

Any time that parents are able to engage with family reading time is good, using whatever medium works best for them, said Dr. Tiffany Munzer, also a developmental behavioral pediatrician at Mott Children's Hospital, who has studied how young children use e books.

However, Dr. Munzer was the lead author of a 2019 study that found that parents and toddlers spoke less and also spoke less about the story when they were looking at electronic books than when they read sprint books. She was also lead author on another study that showed less social back-and-forth, as the toddlers were more likely to be using the screens by themselves.

Dr. Radesky, who was involved in the research projects with Dr. Munzer, talked about the importance of helping students/children master reading that goes beyond specific remembered details - words, or characters or events - so a child is ''able to integrate knowledge gained from the story with life experience.'' And again, she said, that isn't what is stressed in digital design.

''Stuff that makes you think, makes you slow down and process things deeply doesn't sell, doesn't get the most clicks,'' she said.

Parents can help with this when their children are young, Dr. Radesky said, by discussing the story and asking the questions that help children draw those connections.

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