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''' '' THE STUDENTS TOP '' '''


On The World Students Society - everybody is equal, and total and final power lies with the students of the world. [Peace - OneShare - Peace.]

WELL - well, let's first ''!THANK GOD FOR THESE BRAVE STUDENTS!''.... - thank Almighty God for these future leaders of Mankind helping build a better world for the future generation of students and Mankind.

The modern students are very, very different. They are probably the most complex and most highly developed thinkers for the articulation of global sovereign power that ever existed in all of human history.

Divine Pleasure : It is probably the greatest of any honors on The World Students Society to suggest to the Global Founder Framers to consider with equanimity and grace and foresight and consider debating  ''Discord App'' on wssciw.blogspot.com.

The World Students Society is envisioned to grow into the most democratic organization in the world. !WOW! will never turn away its gaze from the realities that are unpleasant to its sense of importance, or its sense of entitlement.

!The World Students Society and its students! : NO organization, no organization, whatever its make-up, can exist for very long if it is too far out of touch with the realities that common students have to endure.

The great power of The World Students Society can only be articulated and brought to the service of Mankind, if students get to ''come together'' and debate as they get to the BaseLine of The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com. 

Have no illusions. The World Students Society is the most complex organization mankind ever got to attempt. The Global Founder Framers have to spot which window opens onto the real world, and which one to simply their own curated garden?

THE TALKING AND TEXTING app Discord is popular with video game players who use it to plot strategy for blowing up virtual enemies.

But Mieke Gottsche and Bianca Visagie - avid readers from South Africa, use Discord for hosting thoughtful book club discussions.

I spoke with Gottesche and Visagie to better understand the appeal of Discord and why it has been in deal talks with Microsoft for a transaction that could top $10 billion. Talking through how their book club uses the app helped me to better understand what the fuss is about.

They said they had considered hosting book discussions on Zoom and Tried Instagram group gatherings, but Discord was the ideal combination : flexible, collaborative and relatively easy to use.

''Discord seemed to be the most expansive, and we could talk about multiple topics at once,'' said Gottsche, who is 25 and completing her master's degree in children's and young adults literature.


Gottsche and Visagie walked me through the way their Read Better Book Club uses Discord. Think of the app as like running group texts with your family members, except meticulously organized by topic and with options to seamlessly jump from txt to voice chat.

Each month's book selection has its own text thread, called a channel. The women subdivide each book into four parts, and participants hop on Discord at the same time each Monday to discuss the chapters, mostly in furious back-and-forths of texts and emojis.

''I sit in my bed each Monday at 11 p.m. and chat about books that I love,'' Visagie, who is 24 and lives outside Johannesburg, told me in a conversation in Discord.


Gottsche and Visagie tell participants that they should feel free just observe. That's more welcoming for some readers. [ A library in Ontario, Canada, hosts a text-based ''Introverts Book Club'' on Discord.]

Within their book club, there are multiple-channels, including one for members to tell a little about themselves, and another for those who play the collaborative online game. Among Us to have group voice calls about what's happening.

The channel ''Currently Reading'' hosts discussions of books other than that month's selection. Recently there was a debate about whether it's worthwhile to keep slogging through books or add them to a ''DNF'' [did not finish] pile.


They also make use of a feature on Discord to avoid running plot twists. One club member asked in  ''Currently Reading'' whether anyone had read ''Legendborn,'' a young adult fantasy novel.

Visagie replied that she had, with details of what she thought of the book - but she opted to block out her text so people didn't see spoilers. Only people who clicked on Visagie's post could read her full message.

Discord is most commonly used by video game players to collaborate on multiplayer games, but people also use its screen sharing feature to play board games and students have used it work together on homework.

[Discord has also struggled with people using its app for harm.]


Gottsche and Visagie both blog about books and started the club last year when they found that pandemic life left them less able to remember and digest what they were reading.

Like many others who found virtual communities in the last year, the book club proved especially valuable as normal life was was disrupted.

Gottsche finished her master's program in Ireland mostly virtually. And Visagie has put on hold her plan to move to China after she recently finished her master's degree.

''O miss the physical interaction,'' Visagie said, ''but the digital book club was a saving grace in the pandemic.''

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Technology and Great Apps, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Shira Ovide and Khurram Hussain.

With respectful dedication to the Global Founder Framers, leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. 

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