5 Best Messaging Apps For Privacy And Security In 2021

5 Best Messaging Apps For Privacy And Security In 2021 And Top 3 Hacks To Boost Your Privacy

Ever since WhatsApp announced the changes to be expected in their privacy policy, privacy-conscious WhatsApp users have started looking for alternatives that work as well as WhatsApp, with better security policies.

If you are looking for WhatsApp alternatives that care about your privacy and data safety, here are 5 of the best options you can choose from today.

1.    Signal

There has been a lot of buzz around this new messaging app. Signal is an open-source messaging application that delivers high-end user security and privacy. The key security features include a self-destruct timer for messages and end-to-end encryption for media, calls, and messages on the platform.

2.    Discord

This handy voice and text chat application was initially developed for gamers. It is an encrypted server-based application that works on desktop and mobile platforms. With this free text and call app, you can connect to your friends, in and outside the gaming world, without connecting your mobile number or even using your real name. It is the ultimate app for anonymity.

3.    Tox

This is a secure and free software you can use to connect to your friends, team and family. Some of the features include voice and video calls, instant messaging, file and screen sharing, and group chatting.

Tox is free to use, end-to-end encrypted, and has zero ads, making it a secure solution and alternative to WhatsApp.  

4.    Google hangouts

This is yet another possible WhatsApp replacement that has been around for many years. You can connect and chat with your friends and family on the Google Hangouts platform through your Gmail account. The best part is that you can use Google Hangouts to communicate with people who do not have Gmail accounts.

It supports sending files, group chats, text and search functions. Google Hangouts is one of the safest alternatives to WhatsApp.

5.    Wire

Wire Messaging is one of the safest alternatives to WhatsApp with sophisticated end-to-end encryption and an easy-to-use interface. It was created by one of skype co-founders, which means it shares reliable security protocols, as is the case with skype.

Even though you need your phone number to register on the app, you can rest assured that your data will not be shared with third parties.

3 hacks to boost your privacy

1.    Read privacy policies

Before you agree to any terms, always read the privacy policy on a messaging application. Check how the site maintains data safety and whether they share user info with third parties.

2.    Use VPNs when on public Wi-Fi.

Before doing anything over a public Wi-Fi network, ensure you have subscribed to a VPN service. This tool will encrypt all data transferred from your device to the sites you visit, making it unreadable and untraceable by hackers and spies.

3.    Avoid clicking on links.

Never open files, click on links or download stuff sent from an unknown source. These are phishing scams used to infect devices with malware, for identity theft or stealing passwords.

Once you download a safer alternative to WhatsApp, you can follow these easy security hacks to enhance your privacy and security online.

Author: Matthew Stern | TheTechFools.com


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