SO where lies the truth in this sea of confusion? Firstly, each vaccine has a different level of effectiveness, but all provide immunity over 50% and some even go beyond 90%.

Some vaccines are better for certain age groups or have limited data on other age groups. Some lose their effectiveness more than others against certain mutations. So, should we wait for the best vaccine?

Not in a pandemic where the virus is infecting hundreds of thousands and killing tens of thousands on a daily basis.

Vaccine supply lines are strained, and governments are rationing whatever they have to to their respective population.

''THE ADVICE BY ALL GLOBAL EXPERTS is that you should get vaccinated by the first vaccine which is offered to you.

Secondly, the most advanced and new vaccines which are RNA-based are not available in developing countries. They are being used in developed countries so all talk about Bill Gates changing our DNA seems redundant.

By and large, the vaccines being used in the developing countries are mostly Chinese. They are based on a method which is a 100-year-old and many of our childhood vaccines are based on this system.

What are the dangerous side-effects? People refer to videos of a nurse who collapsed after vaccination and news about deaths after vaccination. All this is far from reality.

When i got vaccinated, I got a severe headache after 48 hours. I had to take medication for this and my body felt extremely weak but I completely recovered in around 12 hours. 

That is a side effect most of you will get as after nearly 250 million vaccines administered  globally, very few side effects have been reported.

Common side effects also include pain at the injection site, swollen lymph nodes or fever.

Severe allergic reactions are around 11 per million doses.

That is why you are asked to wait for 15 minutes after vaccination. This low level of side effects is an exceptionally good sign, that though very new, these vaccines are showing a high level of safety.

As this is a new disease and vaccines, we still do not know how long the protection will last. Only with the time we will know the duration of their protection.

Then why should we get vaccinated now as new variants may make these vaccines less effective? Should not we be wise and wait for the next vaccine?

NO, because even 50% protection from the virus is better than none.

The World Students Society thanks author : Dr. Rana Jawad Asghar, Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Nebraska, who has also worked for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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