Malala reveals her favorite films and shows. The Great Activist being watched ''Soul'' and White Tiger.

Malala Yusafzai on Thursday, revealed a list of her favorite films and TV shows, upon being questioned about them by her followers on Instagram.

The youngest Nobel Prize laureate is an avid social media users and diehard cricket fan, who ensures to keep to keep tabs on latest releases and binge-watches them in her spare time.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the humanitarian and activist for female education shared that she recently watched Priyanka Chopra's Netflix hit The White Tiger, the supernatural animated film  Wolfwakers and Jamie Foxx's Soul.

She also shred a poster of a documentary titled Boys State. It is based on teenagers who pretend to be established politicians, with some of them having strong convictions based on experiences and others, misusing power in the hopes of winning the support of the crowd.

The I am Malala author said that she would love to see such uplifting documentaries from a woman's perspective.

Earlier, Malala had joined the trending application TikTok, with her first video hitting 79.5 thousand likes within 24 hours. The TikTok account of her fundraiser account 'Malala Fund' shared the first clip with her brief introduction for viewers.

In the clip, Malala could be heard saying, ''Hi Tik Tok. My name is Malala Yusafzai. Some of you might already know me, you might have heard my UN speech or might have read my book, I AM MALALA.''

She continued, ''some of you may not know me yet, so I will introduce myself,'' adding, ''I am a recent graduate from Oxford University.

My favorite things are shoes, comedy and reading books. I am 23 years old and I'm a girl's education activist.''

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