A case of mistaken identities : India cancels Tom Holland for tweet he never made.

Spider Man star Tom Holland was grappling with an angry Twitter storm in India on Friday last in case of mistaken cyber identity.

A historian with the twitter handle @hollsnd-tom tweeted a post mocking Indian Prime Minister Naraendra Modi on Wednesday after a cricket stadium was renamed after him.

''I'm a huge admirer of the modesty Modi showed in naming the world's largest cricket stadium after himself,'' he had written sarcastically. ''Not always a good sign for countries when leaders start pulling that trick..........''

The post prompted an angry backlash in India, where people mistook the Twitter account with that of another Tom Holland : the 24-year-old Britain star of Marvel's Spider-Man series, whose handle is @TomHolland1996.

Soon the hashtag #BoycottSpiderMan started trending in the country of 1.3 billion people. ''This is India's internal matter. We will teach you a lesson of a lifetime. Boycott Spider-Man,'' said one user in response to the historian's tweet. ''You conspirator, conspiring against a global leader [Modi]. You just wait., Dekhi police are coming for you,'' said another.

Coincidentally, the actor has been active on Twitter, teasing fans with possible titles of the newest film in the series. The #BoycottSpiderMan movement then gained further traction as Twitter users mocked others for their misdirected vitroil.

Historial Holland later clarified. ''Oh dear. I seem single-handedly to have destroyed prospects for the next SpiderMan in India. I should have remembered that with great power comes great responsibility,'' echoing a famous Spider Man quote.

He then apologised to the actor saying,'' I had not realised that that #BoycottSpiderMan actually trended in India on the day @TomHolland1996 was promoting his new film! My apologies to him as well  [though.......it is quiet funny.....]''

Tongue-in-cheek, he added, ''Just for the record, and to save Marvel's profits in India, I freely acknowledge that Narandra Modi is a man of immense humility and that his naming the world's largest cricket stadium after himself is no way quite hilarously immodest.''

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