A new task force of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is trying to expand efforts to find the cause of a series of mysterious incidents that injured its officers around the world, the agency has said, episodes that occurred in Cuba, China, Russia and elsewhere.

The taskforce will work with the State Department as well as other intelligence agencies to gather fresh evidence about the episodes and re-examine existing material to draw conclusions on whether attacks occurred and, if so, what caused the injuries and who was responsible.

''C.I.A is working alongside other government agencies to double down on our efforts to find answers regarding the unexplained global health incidents that have impacted personnel,'' said Timothy L. Barrett, the C.I.A. press secretary.

''The agency's top priority has been and continues to be the well being of all of our officers.''

Although the task force was formally established in December, the official announcement of the new efforts comes after William J Burns, the Biden's administration nominee to lead the C.I.A., pledged during his confirmation hearing to review the evidence surrounding the incidents, which he described as attacks on agency personnel.

In recent years, dozens of intelligence officials and diplomats have been affected with what has become known as the Havana Syndrome , a constellation of symptoms including headaches, memory loss, dizziness and more.

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