Headline, March 13 2021/ ''' '' FOUNDERS OWLING FRAMERS '' '''

''' '' FOUNDERS 


O'' MANKIND : TO SEARCH FOR GREAT WAYS - TO BUILD a better world is simply to dance with beautiful nature in exquisite real time honoring.

O'' CAPTAIN : TO OWL - is to have an experience that cannot be bought, cannot be imitated. It asks nothing but holds all we need to be truly awake and splendidly great.

O'' Global Founder Framers as you grow wiser, you will become armchair ornithologist. Through your curious eyes, the world will come to appreciate owling as an opportunity for humility, for sacrifices and for forgiveness. Thus lending great, true and eternal dignity to Mankind.

Remember to rever the outdoor world. The purity of its reasoning, the beauty of its math and its magic. How it holds no grudges, yet favors no one. 

''Please come to the Global Founder Framers,'' I whisper into the woods.

O'' Merium and Sofia, and then, one did : A barred owl swooped down like a poltergeist and dove toward the mouse decoy. But the bird wasn't fooled and flew back into the trees, talons empty, the moon aglow.

No matter, because to describe the surprise and exaltation of that brief moment, in both the Founder Framers heart and mine, would be to dampen our shared feeling, which was nothing short of awe.

O'' RABO - DEE - SHAHZAIB : The mechanics of owling is simple - you go outside and try to spot an owl. But there is a complexity to it :

For one, owling requires consideration and respect for the owl. You need to channel owl empathy. An owl is wild. On their minds are three concerns :

O'' Haleema and Hussain : shelter, food, reproduction. Whatever calories their bodies are expanding, it is to secure those needs.

O'' Salar- Jordan- Bilal : Dangling a carrot, or a homemade mousy decoy in front of this animal, whose sole mission is to find a meal and also not die, is not OK. Owls feed their strongest babies first. They are not sentimental; they are savage.

O'' Maynah-Maria-Hannyia : Owling can be done anywhere, as owls live on every continent except Antarctica.

They nest in trees, caves, barns, attics, just about any structure with a cavity or a hollow. [One birder reported a screech owl who built her nest atop a plastic scare owl, another under the hood of a Mini Cooper].

OWLING IS AN EDUCATION : WE ARE learning about the natural world by being in nature, dancing with it in real time.

Bowling teaches patience : really do we actually connect with an owl. Sometimes it's just a crow, which is equally thrilling, even if incredibly common.

Bowling opens the senses we so often neglect : the sound of wind on the beech tree leaves, the smell of hemlock and vine, fern and hawthorne.

When you owl, you usually go on foot, the soft beneath you as your eyes adjust to the dark. It is a walk of reconnaissance and reverence. You listen, and you connect, Maybe you'll discover something accidentally - the scent of night blooming jasmine or the thudding science of boots on snow.

Many owls are nocturnal and some are crepuscular, which means your best chances of seeing them are at times when you'd most likely be indoors, either sleeping or getting to.

When we owl, we return to our truest selves. We are reminded that we humans are not the biggest things. That we can't win by sheer force.

SO, O'' Students of the entire world, WHEN we owl, we are taking it all in rather than moving forward. Our measurement of social success, fabricated hierarchies, attractiveness, money, are benign, useless.

When we owl, we are not ruled by our possessions, by looks, by likes. We mean no harm, have nothing to hide.

To owl, is to have an experience that cannot be bought, cannot be imitated. It asks nothing but holds all we need to be truly awake.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Beautiful Writings, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Mira Ptacin, who is also the author of '' Poor Your Soul '' and ''The In-Betweens'' : The Spiritualists, Mediums and the Legends of Camp Etna.''

With most respectful dedication to President Joe Biden, PM O''Captain Imran Khan, the Heroic Global Founder Framers, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

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Good Night and God Bless

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