Headline, March 11 2021/ ''' '' MIGHTILY : WOMEN-STARS MYANMAR '' '''

''' '' MIGHTILY :


BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS - THE women-stars have gathered for daily marches, representing striking unions of teachers, garment workers and medical workers - all sectors dominated by women.

The youngest are often on the front lines, where the security forces appeared to have them singled out. Two young women were shot in the head last Wednesday and another near the heart, three bullets ending their lives.

''We might lose some heroes in this revolution,'' said Ma Sandar, an assistant general secretary of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar, who has been taking part in the protests, ''Our women's blood is red.''

The violence last Wednesday, which brought the death toll since the coup to at least 54, reflected the brutality of a military accustomed to killing its most innocent people.

At least three children have been gunned down over the past month, and the first death of the military's post-coup crackdown was a 20-year woman shot in the head on Feb 9.

THE PREJUDICES OF THE MILITARY and the monastery are not necessarily shared by Myanmar's broader society.

Ma. Kyal Sin loved taekwondo, spicy food and a good red lipstick. She adopted the English name Angel, and her father hugged her goodbye when she went out on the streets of Mandalay, in central Myanmar, to join the crowds peacefully protesting the recent seizure of power by the military.

'' YOUNG WOMEN ARE LEADING THE PROTESTS - because we have a maternal nature, - and we can't let the next generation be destroyed,'' said Dr. Yin Yin Hnoung, a 28-year old medical doctor who has dodged bullets in Mandalay.

''We don't care about our lives. We care about our future generations.'' The killings have appalled and outraged rights advocates around the world.

''Myanmar's military must stop murdering and jailing protesters,'' Michelle Bachelet, the top human rights official at the United Nations, said Thursday. ''It is utterly abhorrent that security forces are firing live ammunition against peaceful protesters across the country.''

In the weeks since the protests began, groups of female medical volunteers have patrolled the streets, tending to the wounded and dying. Women have added spine to a civil disobedience movement that is crippling the functioning of the state.

While the military's inhumanity extends to many of the country's roughly 55 million people, women have the most lose from the generals' resumption of full authority, after five years of sharing power with a civilian government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

''Women took the frontier position on the fight against dictatorship because we believe in our cause,'' said Ma Ei Thizar Mauang, a 27-year old politician and former political prisoner who, along another woman the same age, led the first anti-coup demonstration in Yangon five days after the putsch.

Moments before she was killed, Ms. Kyal Sin dressed in sneakers and torn jeans, rallied her peaceful fellow protesters.

As they staggered from the tear gas fired by security forces on Wednesday, Ms. Kyal Sin dispensed water to cleanse their eyes. ''We are not going to run,'' she yelled in a video recorded by another protester, ''Our people's blood should not reach the ground.''

''She is the bravest girls I have ever seen in my life,'' said Ko Lu Maw, who photographed some of the images of Ms. Kyal Sin, in an alert, proud pose amid a crowd of prostrate protesters.

Under the T-shirt, Ms. Kyal Sin wore a star-shaped pendant because her name means ''pure star'' in Burmese.

She would say, ''If you see a star, remember, that's me,'' said Ms. Cho Nwe Oo, her friend. ''I will always remember her proudly.''

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