The Hadid sisters - Gigi and Bella - are one of the most sought after models at the Hollywood today. From walking the ramp for highend designers to winning hearts with their glamorous magazine shoots, the sisters duo is loved by fans the world over.

Surprisingly, former supermodel Janice Dickenson begs to differ. While talking to David Yontef for the Podcast Behind The Velvet Rope, Janice shared that both Gigi and Bella don't have what it takes to be supermodels.

When asked if they are good at what they do, Janice replied, ''No. They are not. They have one look. They don't really diversify their movements. They just stand there and get paid millions of dollars.''

The former America's Next Top Model judge explained her stance in detail in another video clip. She said, ''The models of the '70s and 80s do not compare to the models of today, the Instagram models that got famous and they put into Vogue - the Kylie Jenners, the Gigi Hadids and the Bella Hadids.''

Janice admitted, ''They are very pretty women, but they're not supermodels, I'm sorry.''

According to her, the Hadid siblings only land big campaigns and magazine covers because of their massive following on social media.

''They have millions and millions and millions of followers. And you know, what Vogue has a subscription of what 800,000 and Kylie Jenner has got like, what, 25 million people following her? Something like that.''

The TV personality and actor added, ''They were never on the level of the girls from the '70s and '80s  and '90s. We were fabulous. They're not fierce walkers either. Back in my day, there was Pat Cleveland and Iman, who you never wanted to follow on the runway.

Pat was fantastic. She knew how to take a dress or a gown and make it work. These models today don't know how to do that.''

Janice, however, had one request for runway stars of the 2020s. ''At least send me a thank you card for all the money that they're making,'' she said., concluding. ''You know what, girls, there's always criticism in this industry and you better work harder.''

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