Protest in support of anti-migrant group in Paris :

A large number of people rallied in Paris on Saturday to support the anti - migrant group Generation Identity, which is fighting for survival following a government order to dissolve it.

A reporter saw around 200 protesters, including demonstrations, which were largely peaceful.

A counter demonstration also took place in southern Paris against the controversial group.

Generation Identity has scraped through several legal battles, but it is up against Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who wants to disband the controversial group. Critics contend that it is a militia espousing a racist cause.

The Lyon-based group has influence throughout France and beyond. It contends its members are  whistle-blowers on a mission to preserve  French and European civilisation, seen as undermined by newcomers, notably Muslims.

Generation Identity was the backbone of a 2017 Defend Europe mission on the high seas with a chartered anti-migrant ship manned by European citizens.

Darmanin announced earlier this month the start of proceedings to dissolve Generation Identity. The group was given 10 days to make its case.  [AP]


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