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OUTSIDERS HAVE LONG EXPLOITED the area that is now the Central African Republic. When Sultans ruled - it was plagued by slave traders.

UNDER THE FRENCH - THE COUNTRY'S COLONIAL name was Ubangi-Shari - from its position straddling the Ubangi And Shari river basins. The name was changed during the 1950s colonization period of French Equatorial Africa.

The Independence leader Barthelemy Goganda died in a mysterious plane crash in 1959, one year before full independence. And since then, the country has rarely been at peace, buffeted by political rivalries.

In 1965 the president, David Dacko was overthrown by a military commander, with French backing Jean Bedel Bokassa, who later proclaimed himself emperor, ruled for 14 years and was accused of atrocities including the killing of schoolchildren for not wearing uniform with his image. Bokassa was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, later commuted to life imprisonment.

IN THE SHADOW OF SIX NEIGHBORS burdened with their own problems, - the Central African Republic, a landlocked country, gets relatively little attention.

But it has been plagued with instability and conflict that have upended the lives of its citizens for many years.

Almost one-third of all Central Africans have been displaced from their homes in recent years -including 200,000 who have fled since December after a troubled election.

Roughly the size of Texas - with a population of about five million, the Central African Republic is hemmed in clockwise by Chad, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo and Cameroon. All of the neighboring countries have taken in refugees from the Central African Republic, who have fled mayhem in their homeland.

The latest turbulence can be traced to elections on Dec 27 that rebel groups tried to disrupt. The incumbent, President Faustin-Archange Touadera, won a second term, although rebels had staged attacks and occupied major towns.

Few people outside the capital, Bangui, could safely vote because of the rebel violence, and the rebels even reached Bangui. The president's opponents have accused him of fraud.

The rebels came from an unlikely marriage of the remnants of two broader and formerly antagonistic armed groups. Bangui is under siege, Rebels are blocking the entire routes, constricting supply deliveries. A sack of flour in February tripled in price from a month before.

With so many people displaced, families are camping out in churches. Many lack food, spare clothes, bedding or cooking utensils.

The country's great agricultural and pastoral potential is undeveloped, and its people are among the poorest in the world. Nearly three quarters live in below the international poverty line of $1.90 a day.

The government has no control over roughly two-thirds of the country, including some major mining areas. Rebel groups traffic diamonds and gold and collect taxes from miners and other people in the trafficking chains. So they have a financial interest in keeping things as they are, and keeping the government from gaining more control.

President Touadera has enlisted aid from Russia in Central African Republic soldiers. In December, in the face of the rebel offensive, Mr. Touadera's government asked Russia for more help. Rwandan soldiers were sent to help too, on top of the many Rwandan peacekeepers in the country with the United Nations.

This festering and even neglected crises could well mean, unending suffering, disease, poverty, and even more displacements as people careen towards survival and safety and to eek something of a dignity.

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