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''' '' SECRETS -


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GLOBAL FOUNDER FRAMERS !WOW! : '' In the fullness of time The World Students Society must face up and create hundreds and thousands of global jobs for students.''

Student Reichenbach's post went viral within days and has been viewed nearly 200,000 times. Student Reichenbach was startled by some of the responses.

''On Instagram, most people were like. 'Thank you so much, this is helpful,'' she said. ''On Twitter, people were like, 'I want to burn Instagram and Facebook to the ground.' ''

In October of last year, Rachel Reichenboch, an artist and college student in the Bay area, got an email from Instagram - specifically from a human being at Instagram whop was offering to help her expand her audience. She was intrigued.

Ms. Reichenbach has more than 85,000 Instagram followers - a sizable audience, but nowhere close to the millions who follow the platform's biggest stars. Suddenly, out of nowhere someone was offering one-on-one advice. She took the meeting.

''He had his spiel that he had to go through,'' Ms. Reichenbach said of her call with the Instagram representative. ''Basically, it was all about Reels, and how you can use Reels to make your reach better.''

That Instagram wanted people to use Reels, a TikTok-style video feature introduced in August wasn't a surprise. But Ms. Rechenbach was taken back by the specificity of the advice. He said the goal was ''four to seven Reels,'' she said. This felt like something more than general guidance, so she started asking questions.

How many photos or videos should be posting to her main feed? [Three a week, she was told.] How often should be posting on Instagram Stories? [Eight to 10 times a week, but preferably at least two times a day.] What about posting longer videos to Instagram TV? [One to three per week.] Consistency was the key, the representative emphasized.

Ms. Reichenback, who makes ''a full time living and then some'' selling her art, finds most of her customers through Instagram, but she doesn't consider herself an influencer.

''My business is : I draw cute frog characters who like to do crimes and stuff like that,'' she said. She sells prints, pins, buttons and other merchandize. She's on Instagram to support her work.

Still, her friends and peers were curious about what she'd learned. ''I felt like I suddenly had all the secrets,'' Ms. Reichenbach said. World of her meeting got around, and soon she was overwhelmed by messages in artists' groups on Discord and elsewhere.

She wrote up her experience on her blog - mainly, she said, to make it easier to share with the people reaching out to her. She illustrated the post with an anxious frog.

Some people wanted more information; others just wanted to vent about how Instagram was making them miserable.

Student Reichenbach began to see the guidance from her post circulating without context not just on Instagram and Twitter but on TikTok. Strangers accused her of being a ''corporate shill,'' while a few sent her ''hateful'' emails.

She also saw artists she had looked up to sharing her article. ''The social media landscape is bleak as hell these days, and it's designed to whittle away at your self confidence and capitalize off of that, so do your nest not to let it,'' tweeted one of these artists, Jen Bartel, in response to the post.

''I felt like I had dealt a psychic damage to some of my heroes,'' student Reichenbach joked. All she had done was accept a meeting and share a few notes. But, at least for a moment, that had transformed her into a guru-

Privy in the eyes of the Instagram-using public, to secret information that could change others businesses, brands, identities and lives.

!To recap, remember Instagram-Platform offers rewards to those who treat creating content as a full-time job.!

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Not-So-Secret Secrets, continues. The World Students Society thanks author John Herrman.

With respectful dedication to The Heroic Global Founder Framers of The World Students Society : Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Saima, Sara, Sehar, Zilli, Dantini, Lakshmi, Joy, Susan, Margaret, Hussain, Shahzaib, Ghazi, Reza, Vishnu, Salar, Jordan, Bilal, Sanan, Ali, Zaeem, Hamza, Danyial and Ayaan and -

Little Blessed Angels : Maynah, Maria, Eden, Hanyia, Mustafa, Mujtaba [UAE] Merium, and Sophia.

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