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STUDENT MARFIL - A 19-YEAR-OLD Political science major - at this great and elite institution - The University of Philippines - sat cross legged on the floor with a cup of coffee in has hands as he pointed to a new art installation being built by students at the university.

The installation - made of bamboo, old furniture and desks - was designed to look like a barricade and to commemorate a 1971 student uprising at the school.

''That is symbolic of our protest,'' he said. ''The government of President Duterte has openly declared war against us.''

''This is the people's fight,'' said Angelo Marfil, ''An attack on academic institution is an attack on all of us, because they are trying to scare us.,'' he said.

THE POSTERS THAT APPEARED ON CAMPUS were chilling. They warned that the University of Philippines had become a breeding ground for communist sympathisers and - that students and professors needed to be on high alert for anti government insurgents. 

No one knew where the posters had come from but they had been found on many of the university's campuses across the country over the past few weeks, according to students and university activists. Late last month, the government decided to get involved, with a plan to weed out possible communists at the elite institution.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana announced a decision to end a 32-year agreement that barred security forces from entering University of the Philippine campuses and arresting individuals without coordinating with university officials. Professors and students can now be held on mere suspicion.

About 200 students gathered at the university main campus in Manila's northern suburb of Quezon City to protest the announcement. By allowing security forces back on campus, they said, the government had targeted one of the few places in the Philippines were criticism of President Rodrigo Duterte was still tolerated.

For them, the purpose of the new rule was clear : another crackdown on political freedom in a country where dissidents are often detailed at a moment's notice.

Student Cristina Chi, at the sit-in protest described the decision to overturn the accord as an act of intimidation. Ms. Chi, a 21-year-old communications major with plans to become a journalist, said she remembered listening to radio broadcasts of rallies and protests as child and wishing she could join in.

After studying at the university for two years, she has become even more passionate about the need for change. The word ''revolution'' has become a part of her daily.

discourse, she said, but that did not mean she should be branded as a violent insurgent.

''It's also insulting that they think we need protection from being brainwashed by communists, as if someone can just decide to join the armed struggle overnight,'' she said.

The military also recently published a list of 27 former students at the University of the Philippines who it claimed had become members of the New People's Army, an armed insurgent group that aims to topple the government.

The list, which included the names of journalists and a former government official, was published on a government social media account before being taken down, forcing Mr. Lorenzana, the defense secretary, to issue an apology and fire an intelligence official.

Fidel Nemenzo, chancellor at the university's Quezon City campus, did not want to speculate about why the government had suddenly canceled the agreement keeping security forces off campus.

But he did note that the move had come less than a year after Mr. Duterte signed an anti terrorism law that activists have said was designed to stifle political dissent.

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