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A SUCCESSFUL CAREER AS AN actor practically demands an itinerant lifestyle that comes naturally to Riz Ahmed, - who grew up in Wembley, London, with a father who worked for the Pakistan merchants navy.

''He's a bit of savant, - like a supercomputer,'' Marder said of his Oxford educated star. When he met with Ahmed for ''Sound of Metal,'' Marder regarded his fearsome intellect as both an asset to the film and a challenge to be overcome.

''I felt if he were to build such a solid foundation for this character that he could let off that incredibly adept frontal lobe of his hand and just trust in his instincts,'' Marder said, ''then there was a performance in him that could be really transcendent.''

After a series of supporting roles in ''Venom,'' ''The Sisters Brothers'' and other movies, Ahmed was eager for an all-consuming challenge, and he recognized a kindred spirit in Marder, who has spent 13 years searching for stars who could match his full-throttle commitment to the movie.

TO CALL IT THE WORST NIGHT of sleep Riz Ahmed ever had would imply that any sleep was had at all. It was the night before Riz Ahmad began shooting ''Sound Of Metal'' -

An intense, critically acclaimed Amazon drama that has vaulted the 38-year-old into the best actor Oscar race - and he could do little but stare at the ceiling as adrenaline coursed through his body, robbing it of rest.

This wasn't the first time Ahmed had dealt with preshoot paranoia : Before the British actor embarked on ''The Night Of,'' ''Four Lions'' and ''Nightcrawler,'' he found himself similarly sleepless, with an uneasy mind that could not be soothed.

Still, every time he makes a new movie, Ahmed convinces himself that it'll be different -maybe meditation will help, or even glass of hot milk before bed. It's never different. ''Nothing's going to put that animal to rest when it's growling,'' he said, ''So I just don't sleep.''

Several restless nights into shooting ''Sound of Metal,'' Ahmad began to over think things. Maybe it wasn't the nerves that were keeping him awake, or the thrilling, terrifying challenge of embodying Ruben, a punk-metal drummer in recovery from heroin addiction who struggles with the onset of hearing loss.

Maybe it was a mattress.

The more Ahmed fixated on it, the more certain he became. He ran it by his director, Darius Marder, who seemed skeptical, but during a break from shooting Ahmed still peeled off to make a purchase. ''I went and bought a new mattress, man,'' he said, laughing about it now. ''We bought him two new mattresses,'' Marder would tell me later.

Did things go any better? Sort of yes, sort of no. The new mattresses hardly helped, but all that sleeplessness actually paid off. ''When you're too tired to think,'' Ahmed explained ''you just have to let other things take over.''

And that feeling of being so overwhelmed by a project that you've got to give in and allow yourself to be guided by pure instinct - well, as much as Ahmed may overthink the path that gets him there, he also knows that state is the exact thing he' so often seeking.

There's always going to be a lot going on with Riz Ahmed - that's just the kind of person he is. Still, Marder sensed a change in his actor on the other side of making ''Sound of Metal.''

''He's taking these big moments in life, these big changes, and giving himself to something else that is also out of his control,'' Marder said.

Ahmed agreed. That desire to overwhelm himself, he said, is a reminder to live less in his head and more in the moment.

''If we don't control anything, then maybe every single thing in your life is a gift,'' Ahmed said. ''WOW! That's amazing, you know?'' And he wasn't talking about the sort of gifts that awards season can bring, like the Gotham Award for best actor for his ''Sound of Metal'' performance earned in early January.

''I mean the bird on the windowsill, dude,'' Ahmed said. ''Or a tree. Or this breath.''

He closed his eyes and sucked in all the air he could, then smiled. ''Or the way it cools my insides when it comes in,'' he said.

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