Headline, February 07 2021/ ''' GPT-3 -''A.I.SYSTEMS.''- GULPS '''

''' GPT-3 -''A.I.SYSTEMS.''-

 GULPS '''

AT THE END OF LAST JULY - LIAM PORR, A STUDENT at the University of California, Berkeley, generated several blog posts with GPT-3 and posted them on the Internet - were they were read by 26,000 people.

Sixty viewers were inspired to subscribe to the blog, and only a few suspected that the posts had been written by a machine. They were not necessarily gullible people.

One of the blog posts - which argued that you can increase your productivity if you avoid thinking too much about everything you do - rose to the top of the leader board on. HACKER NEWS., a site where seasoned Silicon Valley programmers, engineers and entrepreneurs rate news articles and other online content.

["In order to get something done, maybe we need to think less,'' the post begins. ''Seems counterintuitive, but I believe sometimes our thoughts can get in the way of the creative process.'']

But as with most experiments involving GPT-3., Mr. Porr's is not as powerful as it might seem.

This summer, an artificial intelligence lab in San Francisco called OpenAI unveiled a technology several months in the making.

The new system GPT-3, had spent those months learning the ins and outs of natural language by analyzing thousands of digital books, the length and breadth of Wikipedia and nearly a trillion words posted to blogs, social media and the rest of the Internet.


OPEN A.I. PLANS TO SELL ACCESS to GPT-3 via the Internet - turning it into a widely used commercial product, and this year it made the system available to limited number of beta testers through their web browsers.

Not long afterward, Jerome Presenti, who leads the Facebook A,I, called GPT-3 ''unsafe,'' pointing to sexist, racist and otherwise toxic language the system generated when asked to discuss women, Black people, Jews and the Holocaust.

With systems like the GPT-3, the problem is endemic. Everyday language is inherently biased and often hateful, particularly on the Internet. Because GPT-3 learns from such language, it too, can show bias and hate.

And because it learns from Internet text that associates atheism with the words ''cool'' and ''correct'' and that pairs Islam with ''terrorism,'' GPT-3 does the same thing.

This maybe the reason that OpenAI has shared GPT-3 with only a small number of testers. The lab has built filters that warn that toxic language might be coming, but they are merely Band-Aids over a problem that no one quite knows how to solve.

''They are doing the right thing by not just publicly releasing GPT-3,'' said Allison Koenecke, a Stanford researcher who explores unwanted bias in A.I. systems. ''A lot is still up in the air.''

The onus is ultimately on Open AI to ensure that this behavior remains in check, said Liz O'Sullivan, a vice president with Arthur, a company that helps businesses manage the behaviour of artificial intelligence technologies.

As it stands, she said, ''OpenAI is ''passing along legal and reputation risk to anyone who might want to use the model in consumer-facing applications.

Other experts worry that these language models could help spread disinformation across the Internet, amping up the kind of online campaigns that may have helped sway the 2016 presidential election.

GPT-3 points to a future in which we are even less sure if what we are reading is real or fake. That goes for tweets, online conversations, even long form prose.

So time enough to meet GPT-3, But be advised not to get him started. For the brain may be artificial, but it codes and tweets, and it may argue with you.

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