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Netflix Inc. is an American establishment that is invested in delivering video content to its subscribers. Originally founded in 1998, the service was strictly into renting DVDs to people, either at the office or via home delivery.

This was until 2010 when the firm decided to create an online presence where people can watch any of the movies in its catalogue at their convenience. Netflix streaming services have become popular over time, with a recent report by the SEC showing that Netflix has had over $1 billion in operating income by 2020.

Long Queues at Cinemas? Netflix to the Rescue

The pause of movie production in 2020 following worldwide national lockdowns has led to the change in release date of a lot of movies to 2021. For the 200 million worldwide Netflix subscribers, 2021 is a year to look forward to for an endless stream of new content to view.

Netflix has relieved its customers of the stress of having to stand in long queues to purchase movie tickets at the cinema given that Netflix has the right to broadcast a wide range of movie content via their platform on its release date.

5 Tips to make the best out of your subscription

If you are a Netflix subscriber, here are a couple of tricks you can use to ensure you enjoy your subscription and its benefits fully.

        Personalized Profiles – once you select the form of Netflix subscription that suits your needs –  this largely dependent on the number of people you intend to share the account with – the next step is to personalize the account by letting Netflix know what genre of movies and series you are interested in so it can recommend more of the same to you.


        Browser Extensions – if you are unsure about what recent movie or series to watch, you can simply add extensions of rating services like IMDb and rotten tomatoes to your Netflix. Once added, the rating of the content will display over it once highlighted, so you can easily avoid lowly rated content. This only works for those using a browser, but not over the application on your device.


        VPNs – Given that Netflix has a wide range of content available, there are some movies and series only available in some countries or a particular region. It seems unfair to miss out on good content because of your location, so installing a VPN for Netflix grants you access to the previously unavailable content.


        Remove Autoplay – A number of people have admitted to sleeping off while watching a movie content. The autoplay feature is designed to keep playing subsequent episodes until the season is finished or the app is required to ask if you are still watching. This could result in loss of great amounts of data, so disabling the feature could help you save data should you sleep off.


        Download – if you are going to be away from a good Internet connection for a while, or you find yourself with an unlimited data connection, you can download as many movies or episodes of a series as you want for you to watch later.


A recent report published by Forbes shows that Netflix is the most popular movie streaming service in the world today. If you are one of its customers, the above tips will help you get the most out of your subscription.

Author: Matthew Stern | Blog@TheTechFools.com


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