Headline, January 27 2021/ STUDENTS : '' '' OLD COMPUTERS OOP '' '''


'' '' OLD COMPUTERS OOP '' '''

IN A VERY PRIVATE CEREMONY - RECORDED FOR POSTERITY, I gifted my very first Laptop to Angel Students : Hannyia Khan and Merium Khan from Europe. They presently go training to lead the next of the future generation, forward.

My second vintage laptop will go to Rabo, and my third Laptop will go to Dee, and the fourth and last one will go Hussain Ali. I personally rise, and so does The World Students Society and the students of the entire world to give them a standing ovation.

! 6, 189 MULTIPLIER NOW ! : On The World Students Society - for the short term ''Sustainability Strategy'', going viral is not and never will be in our best interest. At the very first sign of any news or publishing going viral, we disable the respective link on our own. The World should feel secure and happy and delighted.

SO, STUDENTS - WELL - WELL, CONSIDER THESE DEVELOPMENTS next time you think about tossing a supposedly old Laptop or your old Samsung or your iPhone.

BUT for now, there's the Internet. Sites like the Vintage Computer Forum and 68kMLA have helped people bond over the hobby since the early aughts. One of the largest vintage computing subreddits, Retro Battlestations, has more than doubled in size over the last few years, from 23,000 subscribers in 2018 to more than 58,000 as of this month.

There are also active Discord servers devoted to retro computing, as well as old-school bulletin-board systems for people to use with their out-of-date machines.

FOR ALL THE PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCED and popularized in 2020 - upscale fitness bikes - at home Covid tests, game consoles new and old - the personal computer lands on the list with a bit of a thud.

PCs lack the novelty of other gadgets, but they're practical, essential even, in a year when work, school and social life have come to rely heavily upon them.

While modern, ever more efficient computers are selling better than they have in years, vintage computers - impractical old devices in need of repairs and out of productions parts - are also in demand on sits like eBay. Collectors also flock to message boards, subreddits and Discord servers to buy, sell and trade parts.

People are buying these PCs not necessarily for daily use, but for the satisfaction they get from rebuilding them. It's a trend one might chalk up to quarantine boredom, though it's been gaining traction for years.

RETROCOMPUTING, as the hobby is called, is hardly just a way to pass the time. Instead, as enthusiasts see it, it's a means of communing with the past.

''You get into this mind-set of what must it must've been like to be somebody in the late '70s, having spent thousands of dollars on this thing that barely does anything more than a calculator,'' said Clint Basinger, 34, who runs the YouTube channel Lazy Game Reviews.

[The devices do allow retrocomputers to make art and music using software unavailable on new computers and to play 8-bit games, but not much else beyond that.]

''It's like a time machine to me,'' Mr. Basinger added.

Before the pandemic, there were several vintage computing conventions located the United States where collectors took their computers to show off. Attendees bought and traded hardware at their events, as well as met the friends they had made online.

Huxley Dunsany, 38, said about 100 people used to pass through the Local, a cafe in Alameda, Calif, on the last Wednesday of every month for the vintage computing meet-ups he hosted.

''People were coming by, walking by the cafe and doing by carbon double takes when they saw all these old computers sitting on the window and coming in to ask what was going on,'' he said.

Mr. Dunsany is passionate about bringing new people into the fold, especially those who lack a technical background or don't fit the computer-nerd stereotype. '' I would love to see more women in the hobby and more minorities getting involved because I'm a generic white guy in the late 30s,'' he said. ''I am sort of default for this hobby, and I don't want that to be true in 10years.''

Ryan Horan, 23 has just three reasonably priced vintage computers in his collection: two Atari STs and one Commodore 64. He sees retrocomputing as a glimpse into a world he has never experienced.

''I was born at the end of '90s.'' Mr. Horan said. ''I just heard stories of things from my grandparents back in the '50s and my parents back in the '80s, So I've never been able to experience what these things were, apart from stories and having physical things that were from that time that are still perfectly functional.''

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