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BY ALMIGHTY GOD'S WILL AND BLESSINGS : The world has begun to discern that nothing is more powerful than The World Students Society - ''except perhaps The Great New York Times''.

I paraphrase that with great respect for President Abraham Lincoln.

It's a great honor to remind you all, once again, that !WOW! has bestowed on The New York Times a Life Long Membership of The World Students Society, the exclusive and eternal ownership of every student in the world.

[ YOUTH AND LEADERS SUMMIT : Wars and Peace - Solving Conflicts and Building Human Security.
Livestream : sciences pr.fr/psia. The New York Times - Media Partner and Microsoft Corporate Partner, at their very best. ] 18-19-20 January, 2021.

The World Students Society rises to wish the very best to President-elect Joe Biden for his inauguration, the great nation of America, and The New York Times for the glorious honours of ever attacking the devil : A resounding ovation.

THE HEROIC FOUNDER FRAMERS  should  always Remember that : !WOW! is like a searchlight. In digital times - and that power has increased a million fold. Identify evil and wrongs, quickly. Have a crusading desire for openness. Keep reinventing your magic and serve Mankind selflessly and with great honour.

LIFE IS FULL OF PUZZLES AND THOSE REAL LIFE PUZZLES aren't very fun. They aren't elegant at all. So, I have designed  The World Students Society to give this generation and future generation the practising runs to face up and not turn heel and run.

A JIGSAW PUZZLE can stave off feeling bad, occupying the same neural path we reserve for anxiety.

''A lot of people have told me that when they're doing a puzzle, they just sort of shut out all their worries, they just concentrate on matching pieces,'' said Anne Williams, the author of ''The Jigsaw Puzzle Piecing Together a History.'' Nine months into the pandemic the anxiety continues. So puzzles remain very popular.

Jigsaw puzzles had their origins in the mid18th century as a handsome pedagogical tool, the artisanal alphabet blocks of their day. These ''dissected maps'' thrilled children / students in the geography.

Puzzles for adults came into fashion about a century later, spreading further when advances in the lithographic press and the foot-powered treadle jigsaw made them easier and cheaper to produce.

Over the years, the materials have altered - from wood to plywood to cardboard to acrylics. Laser cutting has made more complicated cuts possible and created a renewed interest in what puzzle fans ''whimsy'' pieces, pieces cuts into particular shapes - a bird, say, or a butterfly. But some sought after puzzles remain cut by hand.

Jigsaw puzzles had a huge surge in popularity about 90 years ago, around the time of the Great Depression.

Unsurprisingly, they have surged again during the coronavirus, lockdown. A good jigsaw - whether it involves hundreds of pieces or thousands - provides a relatively inexpensive form of home entertainment with a tactility that screen based entertainments don't allow.

''There is supposed to be a dopamine hit every time you put puzzle pieces together. So assembling a puzzle is just a constant dose of happy chemicals,'' said Tammy McLeod, a champion puzzler and founder of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association.

While the association promotes timed events, most people experience jigsaws as collaborative rather than competitive. Several of the major companies that make pandemic-friendly puzzles expressly designed for families.

In family puzzles, pieces come in a variety of sizes, some quiet large, so that even little hands can contribute. Still, jigsaw puzzles work for isolated plays as well. [They are also available in a variety of apps, though that style of play removes the haptic pleasure of having the pieces in hand.]

Certain skill sets help with puzzle solving - a good visual memory, a talent for pattern-matching, organizational flair. Patience, too. And with a good puzzle, that patience is rewarded. What makes a good puzzle?

''A lot of it is, 'Hey, is there an aha experience? ' '' Mr. Baxter said. ''Is there some kind of light bulb that has to go off?''

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Times and Tides, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Alexis Soloski.

With Most respectful dedication to President-elect Joe Biden, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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