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Must kids really learn to code: Parents in India are being sold the idea that their children must learn coding at 4 or 5, or be future failures.

WHITEHAT Jr - which operates in India and the United States, mounted an advertising blitzkrieg in India telling parents that our children need to learn coding from the ages of 4,5 or 6 - or they fall behind in life.

Indian celebrities promoted the brand and spread the fear of losing out among just about every family.

LUCKNOW - [ INDIA ] : I am a parent, and this is my little mutiny. I withdrew my 6-year-old daughter, Vaidehi, from her school in this northern India city.

The school had 110 students joining each online class, all of them instructed to be in their school uniforms. India has about 10 million coronavirus cases now, and schools have been offering online instructions since March.

Taking my daughter out of our city's most sought-after school for girls came some months after a moment that has become a turning point. Vaidehi's teacher had sent us a note saying.

''The parents need to pay more attention at home and work with her. Vaidehi drew a giraffe in her art class that was multicolored.''

My daughter has been a storyteller on YouTube since she was 3. She talks to Chanda the cow and Rambo the calf at our village home; she loves to wrestle in the mud and soak in the rain. Increasingly I felt that the teachers were not recognizing children for their unique capabilities and were trying to turn them into clones of one another.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, her school went online in March and a faceless screen rose between Vaidehi and her classmates.

Around then, unknown to my little daughter, Karan Bajaj, an Indian entrepreneur, signed a $300 million deal to sell his company WhiteHat Jr to Byju's, the world's largest educational tech company.

But WhiteHat Jr, which heavily relied on its advertising to spread its message, was forced to take down five of its advertisements after the Advertising Standards Council of India, a self-regulatory body, found them in potential violation of the code.

But the campaigns continue Hrithik Roshan, one of the most prominent Bollywood actors and the father of two boys, endorsed the brand in a television campaign, where he was anxious about the utility of the skills Indian children are learning today and saw hope and promise for their future in learning coding on WhiteHat Jr.

Although numerous experts advise against teaching children to code, a skill that will soon become redundant, the WhieHat Jr, campaign taps into a parent's deepest fear : Will my child be left behind?

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Parents, Children, and The World, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Neelsh Misra for her opinion.

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