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FOUNDER FRAMERS 2020 : SURPRISING AND serious events and trends for the first time ever that year, 2020.

This is an article from Turning Points, a series that explores critical moments from 2020 might mean for the year ahead.

1.- Woman Surfs The Year's Biggest Wave Off The Portuguese Coast.

The Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira rode the biggest recorded wave of 2020, becoming the first female surfer with that distinction. The wave, off the coast of Nazare, Portugal, measured 73.5 feet. Gabeira's ride was certified by the World Surf League and the Guinness World Records.

2.- American Officials Slap Global Terrorist Label On Russian White Supremacist Group.

In April the Trump Administration designated the ultranationalist Russian Imperialist Movement as a global terror threat. It was the first time the government applied the label to a white supremacist group.

3.- In A First For The Luxury Industry, Louis Vuitton Debuts A Face Shield.

While many fashion houses sold protective face masks in 2020, Louis Vuitton became the first to release a face shield, as part of its 2021 cruise collection.

The item, which will cost $961 and features the luxury brand's signature monogram design on its trim, can be worn with the shield flipped up or down depending on social distancing requirements.

4.- K-Pop Band Tops The Charts In The United States

BTS, a South Korean pop band that has been making tweens squeal since 2013, nabbed the No.1 spot on Billboard magazine's Hot 100 singles ranking in September with ''Dynamite,'' a song sung in English.

5.- France's First Transgender Mayor Takes Office

The council of Tilloy-lez-Marchieennes, a village of about 600 residents, elected the first openly transgender mayor in France in March. Marie Cau, ran on a platform that emphasized ecological sustainability.

6.- Japanese Flying Car Soars In Test Flight.

The tech company SkyDrive completed the first successful public test of a flying car in Japan in August. The manned vehicle, named SD-03, circled the Toyota Test Field, home to the company's development base, for four minutes.

SkyDrive plans to make the car available to consumers by 2023.

7.- Scientists Use Gene-Editing Tool Inside A Human

In March a blind patient in the United States underwent a procedure using the gene-editing tool CRISPR.

It was the first time the technology was used inside a human. In a bid to restore the patient's vision, the doctor's injected microscopic drops containing the editing tool inside the eye of the patient, who has a rare genetic disorder that prevents the body from making a protein necessary to convert light into signals to the brain.

8.- Police In Hong Kong Make First Arrests Under Controversial New Law.

Less than a day after a contentious new security law went into effect in Hong Kong on June 30, the local police made the first arrests under the measure.

Critics say the law will undermine the territory's autonomy and give the Chinese government more power to tighten restrictions on the press and protests there.

9.- Telescope Pictures Detail The Surface Of The Sun

In January astronomers released the most detailed pictures of the sun to date, taken by the new Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, the World's largest. The telescope was built in the Hawaiian volcano Haleakala, which appropriately means ''house of the sun.''

10.- HAJJ Is Cancelled For First Time In Modern History

Saudi Arabia announced in June that pilgrims outside of the country would be barred from traveling to the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Islam's holiest site, effectively cancelling the Hajj for what may be the first time in known history.

Although war, treacherous travel conditions and previous plagues have affected Hajj, a pilgrimage that happened since 632, this was the first time than an official travel ban upended the holy ritual.

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