'Bridgerton' becomes Netflix's 'biggest series ever'. The show is watched by 82 million households worldwide.

Bridgerton is turning out to be the diamond of the season as Netflix announces the show has become its ''biggest series ever.''

The streamer just announced that the Shondaland hit is officially their most successful show. Watched by 82 million households around the world within just 28 days. Bridgerton is surpassing Netflix's own projections of 63 million households.

Netflix defines ''watch'' as someone tunes in for at least the first two minutes but 82 million people clicking on the show is still a lot of people, reports EI News.

According to the Streamer's report, the show hit the top 10 in every country except Japan and was number one in 83 countries including the US.

Bridgerton has also sent Julia Quinn's novels back to New York Times best seller list 18 years after they were first published. It has also made the books very hard to get, but the show's success is not at all a surprise.

Shonda Rhimes has time and again proven her mettle with her production and curating skills. Not to mention, creator and show runner Chris Van Dusen hit the nail on the head with the series too.

TikTok is also proof that Bridgerton has had quiet the impact. A Bridgerton musical is being worked on while thousands of other fans are now sewing corsets and adopting a new language and fancy tea time into their everyday lives.

The series would likely have been a hit no matter what the circumstances of the world but millions of people stuck at home with nothing else to do also contribute to its feat.

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