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PRESIDENT BARACK H OBAMA DEDICATED his recent book to the generation of students - in this great nation, the United States of America, and the world at large - setting out to ''build a new world''.

The World Students Society - its Founder Framers from America - and the rest of the world, rises to give this great American President a standing ovation and assure him of our highest esteemed regards, respects and good wishes for the entire Mankind.

In addition : ''Mr. President allow me and the Founder Framers to also convey to the First Lady Michelle Obama and your beautiful family our prayers for your long life, health and well being.''

INDIA AND MYANMAR - [to name just a few] - for example, are being made to grow exceedingly intolerant as societies. Both countries are failing miserably to promote intra-religious harmony through tolerance and patience among different sects.

As a result there is a suffering tragedy and thus goes every disaster in the making. This is the very major fault-line in their respective national security strategies.

Already, since many years now, The World Students Society is witnessing and recording social media based text messages, audios or video clips targeting different sects, has increased many folds during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the room for operation against the cyber assaults is minimal in the current set up and global scenarios as media companies wield complete monopoly of control over addition or deletion of any content on their platforms.

No society can be built without justice and tolerance. And Tolerance cannot be imparted to citizens through messages and statements but should be demonstrated through practical examples from the lowest levels to the highest office in the world.

Diversity is good, great and sublime but it needs to be demonstrated through tolerance, forgiveness and patience.

TOLERANCE CAN BE DEFINED in individual and collect terms which impact each other and leave positive or negative impressions in society. It can neither be theoretically taught nor be inculcated in humans without presenting a practical mode for action.

Tolerance experiences many challenges in a diverse social set-up, including accepting diversity and taking it as an opportunity to reshape lives and human behavior in society. Unfortunately, we talk a lot about tolerance but are unable to translate it in our daily lives.

Let us look at some benchmarks of tolerance from our existing social set-ups. First, we do not go for a diverse occupation choice as we enter into practical lives. Our choice is a function of monopolistic social instinct which keeps shaping our key decision-making.

Hardly few of us follow an untrodden path or go for something different from our ancestral line of profession.

Secondly, we do not encourage diverse opinions in classrooms let alone appreciate a diverse class culture where students from different geographical location, dialects, sects, lineage or backgrounds are present.

Unless one appreciates diversity, one is unable to explain its practical manifestations. Moreover, the classroom walls in our educational facilities depict a monolithic cultural landscape negating diversity and mutli-culturalism.

The names of roads or avenues are also based on historic Islamic heroes without alluding to any non-Muslim entity who helped or assisted Muslims during dire circumstances of their historical struggles.

Hence, we cannot teach tolerance and diversity through hollow statements without presenting a diverse practical ambience.

Third, the curriculum or subjects taught at primary, secondary or higher level having having a diverse base are not so varied when it comes to their implementation. These subjects should present a picture which promotes, appreciates and utilizes cultural pluralism for its advantages.

Recognising it, say in Pakistan, we have now started diversifying the curriculum and incorporating a variety of viewpoints and areas of study.

Fourth, a multiple dialogue culture should be promoted not only in educational institutions but on electronic media too. We have rarely seen active debates among madrassa and elite schools students.

As a result, both exist in their separate artificial set-ups and do not cross each other's path except in rare cases. Whereas, understanding each others perspective through discussion and debates is a healthy sign as it helps bridge the intellectual gap and promotes tolerance and respect for each other.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Tolerance, Rule of Law and Societies, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Faisal Ali Raja, a former Fulbright scholar and an MPA from Columbia University.

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