Headline, December 06 2020/ ''' '' BITCOIN !WOW! *BINARY '' '''

''' '' BITCOIN !WOW! 

*BINARY '' '''

TOKYO : IN THE LATE 1980s - THESE very great and gracious Japanese senior policy managers from world class companies : Kokusai and Dengosha Pumps honored me with a dinner at what was formerly a Railway Station, and now a food street.

''The Railway Station was built post-war. To simply help students get to their schools'', disclosed Kasamatsu San. I was touched and the conversation meandered to world economics - poverty, inequality, inequitable distribution of wealth and sufferings.

The Computers had come in, and I began articulating a new blue-print for the future. The Japanese listened in apt attention and shook their heads in disbelief. I had never heard of Satoshi Nakamoto.

!SAMLARK SINGING! : ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY WE have conjured up an exquisitely sterling model of a cryptocurrency. We keep it wrapped, and let Elections and Bitcoin do the icebreaking first.

PATIENCE and the Mulberry tree will give us a silk gown : SAMLARK will change the economic fundamentals and its infrastructure for the entire world. The Heroic Founder Framers will then get after poverty, ignorance, darkness, corruption and all evil.

HEREWITH A PRIMER : BITCOIN is a digital currency with software and rules that were released in early 2009 by a shadowy creator with pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

The computer code established that the total supply of Bitcoin would be limited. Only 21 million tokens will ever be created, distributed in small blocks each day - through a process known as mining - to some of the computers that maintain the currency currency's online infrastructure.

Like GOLD, Bitcoin can be created, moved and stored outside the purview of any government or financial institution.

Bitcoins exist on a financial ledger, known as Blockchain, which is maintained and updated by a volunteer network of people running thousands of computers worldwide - a system meant to ensure that that no one computer or institution can change the rules or control the network.

BITCOIN COMES ROARING BACK : NEARLY THREE YEARS after it went on a hair-bending rise and hit a peak of $19, 783, the price of a single Bitcoin rose above that for the first time this week -

According to the data and news provider CoinDesk [it later retreated below $19,000]. The cryptocurrency has soared since March, after sinking below $4,000 at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bitcoin's latest climb is different from its last spike in 2017, which was driven largely by investors in Asia who had just learned about cryptocurrencies. Back then, the digital token lost momentum as people questioned what it could do other than allow for easy online speculating and drug and ransom payments.

While those questions remain, Bitcoin is now being fueled by a less speculative fever. Buyers - led by American investors - are treating Bitcoin as an alternative to asset, somewhat like gold, according to an analysis from the data firm Chainalysis.

Rather than quickly trading in and out of it, more investors are using Bitcoin as a place to park part of their investment portfolios outside the influence of governments and the traditional financial systems, Chainalysis and other industry firms said.

''It's a very different set of people who are buying Bitcoin recently,'' said Philip Gradwell, the chief economist at Chainalysis, which analyzes the movement of cryptocurrencies.

''They are doing it in steadier amounts over sustained periods of time, and they are taking it off exchanges and holding it as an investment.''

The excitement has been underpinned by regulators and mainstream financial companies that are trying to make cryptocurrencies safer and more accessible. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, an American regulator, said this summer that banks would be allowed to hold cryptocurrencies for customers.

And PayPal announced in October that it would follow its rival Square and allow people to buy and hold Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies.

''Our move comes as a result of conversations with government officials, and then seeing the dramatic into digital payments as a result of the pandemic,'' Dan Schulman, the chief executive of PayPal, said in an interview.

More than a million people - three to four times what the company expected - joined a wait list to use cryptocurrencies before the feature was started, he said.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Cryptocurrencies continues. The World Students Society thanks author Nathaniel Popper.

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