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''' '' E-CURB -ECONIOMICS- E-SWAY '' '''

''GROWING INEQUALITIES IS TERRIBLE FOR ECONOMIES because consumption is reduced,'' said Ian Goldin, a professor of globalization and development at Oxford University - and

And author of ''Terra Incognita : 100 Maps to survive the Next 100 Years.'' A smaller share of your economy is able to buy your goods and services.''

What has been challenged most directly is the popular notion that the world economy could simply endure a deep freeze to contain the pandemic and then revive, almost as if nothing had happened:

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Over many, many years of a decade in selfless and devoted work by the Founder Framers and the support of the students of the entire world. But a grim slog lies ahead before the world recovers, and a new vaccine may just help.

In the U.S. nearly a year into a pandemic that has ravaged the global economy like nothing since the  Great Depression of the 1930s, the only pathway toward improved fortunes is containing the virus itself.

With the United States suffering its most rampant transmission yet, and with major nations in Europe again under lockdown, prospects remain grim for a meaningful worldwide recovery before the middle of next year, and for longer in some economies. Substantial job growth could take longer still.

A significant hope has emerged in November in the form of three vaccine candidates, easing fears that humanity could be subject to years of intermittent, wealth-destroying lockdowns.

But significant hurdles remain before vaccines restore any semblance of normalcy. More tests must be conducted, and vast supplies manufactured. The world must navigate the complexities of distributing a lifesaving medicine amid a surge of nationalism.

The very concept of normalcy now seems open to question. Even after the coronavirus is tamed into something familiar and manageable like the flu, will people habituated to keeping their distance from others return to restaurants, shopping mall and entertainment venues in the same numbers?

With video conferencing established as a replacement for business travel, will companies shell out as much as before to put them on airplanes and in hotels.

Calculating the prospects for a vigorous economic recovery entails wrestling with the questions of human nature.

Say : in the U.S. The Depression imprinted a generation with a tendency toward thriftiness and an aversion to risk. If frugality endures this time, that would have profound and enduring economic consequences : Consumer spending typically makes up two-thirds of economic activity in countries like the United States and Britain.

'' IF YOU'RE A BUSINESS - YOU MIGHT BE A BIT MORE WARY about taking on staff again,'' said Ben May - a global economist at Oxford Economics in London.

''You make do with overtime for a while. Households might behave more cautiously. If that's the case, you run the risk of economics scarring further down the line.''

Long-term damage on top of the recent economic devastation would add to the inequality that has been a central feature of recent decades, as people with greater education, advanced skills and access to stock and real estate markets have harvested the winnings of expansion, while others have struggled.

The industries that face the greatest challenges in recovering - airlines, hotels, restaurants and retail - are major employers of lower-skilled workers and of women.

At a time when companies are under pressure to make their work forces more diverse, the likelihood that many people will continue working from home threatens to impede entry and promotion for women and minorities.

Breaking into established ranks and altering culture is not a process best conducted over Zoom.

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