ISLAMABAD - A new social contract : A new book by a former police chief demands a new social contract and institutional invigoration for resolving the issues of democracy and economic development in Pakistan.

The book titled, ''Pakistan : The Politics of the Misgoverned,'' contains an in-depth discussion on the structural challenges, being faced by Pakistan.

Nadeem Azhar, the author of the book is the former inspector general of police, who retired in 2008 and later, served as a member of the Punjab Public Service Commission between 2008 - 2011.

The book also demands that the country's religious based identity needs to be done away and and the basis of our nation state should be common residence of some geographical identity.

The author thinks that the vision of the founding father of Pakistan was not a narrow minded vision, he believed in equality and did not want any discrimination against among the citizens of this country on the basis religion, color or cast.

The author thinks that the discriminatory nature of the law is one of the key reasons that the development policies can't bring results in any country thus demands an equal application of the law at all levels.

In his ten chapter book, Nadeem Azhar Hussain has discussed in detail the role of different institutions, saying that institutions are not making inclusive policies, which is a big challenge.

The author has also discussed the role of the superior judiciary, criminal justice system, political parties and army. Separate chapters have been given in the book to the issues of local government, civil society, and state's response to terrorism.

The author has discussed the missed opportunities in the  socio-economic scenario of Pakistan.

At the end of the book Nadeem Azher Hussain has also given a way forward to the state of Pakistan and demands a new social contract and institutional reinvigoration. While pointing out the flaws author demands a new national criminal justice policy.

He also discusses that bureaucrats should also be given constitutional protection for which he gives a reference of 1956 constitution in which the protection was guaranteed to the officers, however, it was revoked in 1973.

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