Spotify might soon be making its official entry in Pakistan. Earlier this week, the Swedish company created a verified Instagram account for Pakistan which has over 14k followers.

To add fuel to the conversation, popular singer Shamoon Ismail took to Twitter to claim that Spotify is indeed launching in Pakistan.

Guitarist Zain Peerzada of Takatak fame commented on how such a platform would provide some transparency to artists, something previously unheard of.

“It would be a big game changer. With Spotify even if you get a dollar they break it down for you. This is something a lot of Pakistani streaming platforms have promised but completely botched, “ Peerzada said.

Singer Natasha Baig shared how it will encourage artists like herself to release more music. “To be honest it is the best news I have ever got amid  pandemic. Some of the artists were losing hope but now I think this news is going to bring them back on their feet. If Spotify is coming to Pakistan I can’t wait to release more and more music,” she said. 

Tamasha Frontman Bilal Ahmad elaborated further on such kind of news pushing artists in the right direction “Music requires investment, which is a particularly tough thing to maintain provided you can only earn from either promotion partnerships, or live shows. Having a native digital platform that pays regular royalties to local musicians is somewhat of a dream.

If the Spotify things workout, there is sure to be an influx in the industry when it comes to music and listening audiences, he said.

Bayaan’s bass player Haider Abbas noted that the band itself benefited greatly by putting the music on the platform, with 50% of their audiences coming from India. “Through  Spotify we have been able to generate a good amount of revenue since 2019 , which is when Bayaan joined.

So once Spotify comes to Pakistan I am sure it’s listenership will substantially grow and then there’s no going back,” Abbas said.

The World Students Society thanks author Ather Ahmed.


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