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DEPRIVED OF GREAT VIBES : CATCH THEM on the world's Master Daily Publication : Sam Daily Times : ''The Voice Of The Voiceless!'' The vibe is pure : chill and cool.

'' WE ARE ALL EQUAL ON 'THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY' '' AND every great leader in the world, and every great human in the world, has nothing but admiration for the great Founder Framers.

AND as the Founder Framers will soon get featured in ad-campaigns, stories, and films and dramas, and thrillers, and cartoons, the entire earnings will go to the greatest cause of Education on The World Students Society.

THESE HEROIC FOUNDERS OF THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY have become household names the world over. Beautiful angelic children named after Merium, Rabo, Dee, Saima, Seher and Haleema, Hussain, Shahzaib -

Ali, Salar, Haider, Vishnu, Zaeem, Hamza, Lakshmi, Jordan, Maynah, Hannyia and Sophia, it is for me to sin, and name just a few. A History Making First For Mankind : We Are All Us.

Mark my words some of these Founder Framers will go on to win the Nobel Peace Prize. So let's get more organized and head for structures and more hard work.

The Melody requires a technical precision. The World and I watch these videos with admiration and no small amount of longing; they access a humor, a lightness, a belief in the easy accessibility of every day beauty, that I have trouble locating in my environment of late.

IN A WORLD OF VIRAL-VIDEO STARS who flaunt, twirl and tweek to lure viewers @someguyswithaguitar is a model of benevolent indifference.

In the most-linked of his videos, the musicians - a young man with frizzy hair and a soft, lumberjack beard - sits in the passenger seat of a car as he plays a moody, twangy riff, his eyes cast heavenward or off to the side.

The melody requires technical precision, but the video is resolutely low-fi : The unedited, muffled sound of wind filters through, and the breeze gently moves the wisps of his hair this way and that.

If you squint, you can see only a tiny square of green background out the back window; he could be sitting anywhere, really - his own driveway, or some pastoral idyll, or the parking lot of a Kroger while his mom is stocking up on paper towels. It's mundane, it's sublime and it's intimate, a glimpse into someone else's unguarded reverie.

The lumberjack bearded musician is just one of a group of TikTok creators whose feel-good, under-a-minute clips I've been consuming regularly. What those creators have in common is the way they capture, fleetingly, a mood of I want to be inside right now - a vibe, to use a word that has recently come to define a substantial corner of the platform.

The best known of these creators is @42odoggface208, real name Nathan Apodaca, who filmed himself skateboarding down a street to ''Dreams'' by Fleetwood Mac, his free hand clutching a 64-ounce bottle Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice; the video want so viral that Tik-Tok co-opted it for an advertising campaign that began running during the N.B.A, finals.

These good-vibe Tik Tok creators do go to the effort of filming themselves and posting results, and yet there is something convincingly unself-conscious about how they do it.

The vibe is chill; it chills, contagiously. The vibe is pure. The vibe is : It's a pandemic, we've got nothing but time, might as well play some guitar right here in the parking lot.

I watch these videos with admiration and no small amount of longing; they access a humor and a lightness, a belief in easy accessibility of everyday beauty, that I have trouble locating in my environment of late.

My own home sometimes feels like a shoddily run penal institution, as my husband and I either ignore our 14-year-old twin boys to work, or hover anxiously over them, making sure they are staring at the right screens [there laptops where there teachers are] and not the wrong ones [their phones, where friends and Fortnite videos beckon].

We construct elaborate rules about weekday and weekend and weekend screen time, promptly forget what they are, then start over.

We are resigned to the certainty that nothing will ever change, that we we'll all be cooped in this house forever, that if we are looking for freshness in our lives we will most likely find it the new and different faint food stains that seem to be appearing regularly on our beige couch -

A couch that we will never get around to replacing because of an overwhelming inertia, and because in any case Ikea is back up until the next pandemic.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on The State of the World, continues. The World Students Society thanks the author Susan Dominus.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all prepare and register for Great Global Elections on The World Students Society : wssciw.blogspot.com and Twitter - !E-WOW! - The Ecosystem 2011 :

''' Vibes - Viral '''

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