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''GREAT WORK CAPTAIN ! '' : THE WORLD IS CHANGING AND IS CHANGING RAPIDLY.  The Founder Framers rise to give their beloved Prime Minister O'' Captain Imran Khan, a virtual hug.

In Proud Pakistan a uniform syllabus right across the nation. And a beautiful Technology Park in the times ahead. The Founder Framers insist that I add more wisdom value to these sublime undertakings.

''Well Captain, Sir, firstly, Thank You! And then, Sir : BUT THINK BIG! add more land. Add More Land! Compose such, to Give the students an opportunity to buy shares. And allow the International Students to get their visas at the airport.

Lastly, Sir, consider, right in the grand concept a : '' STUDENTS DAVOS SILICONE''. ''That should be your legacy!'' Proud Pakistan's future stands on the edifice of Education and Students. Just as it does in the entire world.

Economic growth is the result of a combination of factors. The rate of population growth, changes in human productivity and capital accumulation all play a role. Productivity depends on education and training.

The movement of people from developing to developed countries is often described as brain drain since a good proportion of those who leave poor countries and settle in rich countries are better educated and trained than the average of  population they have left behind.

It is now recognised that migrants who move from the developed to developing world make a quantifiable contribution to the countries they settle in. They don't fit the descriptions of migrants Trump made when he went down the golden escalator to announce his candidacy for the US presidency.

ONE GREAT EXAMPLE of the contribution immigrants are making to developments in the countries they moved to is the work done by using artificial intelligence [AI] by two Indian scientists now working in the US.

Scientist Mural Avmudan and Venky Soundararjan cofounded an AI startup that has made headlines for their research on massive data yielded by health institutions dealing with Covid-19.

Using their work, scientists are staring to make connections in the jumble of letters and numbers with the help of AI leading to new theories about the virus, how it works, and how it could be stopped.

Almost all developed nations are experiencing sharp population declines resulting in reducing the share  of what can be called  ''native populations'' in total. By native I mean the white people who were the predominant presence before the rate of population began to fall, in some cases perceptibly.

By the middle of next year, more children will be borne to people of colour than those who are white. In the mid-2040s, the white in America would be minority

Assimilation is not the only problem migrants moving into developed nations face. For illegal migrants from Africa headed to Europe, migration is dangerous.

Most travel by sea, leaving Africa's coast in rickety and dangerous boats. The preferred routes are from Libya to one of the ports in Italy or from Senegal to Canary Islands in Spain.

Fifteen years ago, the second was a busy route. In 2006, more than 32,000 migrants from West and Central Africa traveled along the Western African maritime route. According to the International Organization for Migration, in 2019, there were 2,698 migrants in the Canary Islands.

For 2020, this number grew to more than 6,000 in just the first nine months of this year. But the route is dangerous. On November 2, a boast carrying 150 people capsized, killing all those who were on board. A week earlier a similar accident claimed 140 lives.

When we think or write about international migration it usually refers to the movement of millions of people from the crowded countries in the South to the states in the North.  

Crowding is not the only reason the movement of people from the developed to the developing parts of the world.

It's also the result of sharp decline in the rate of population growth in countries in Europe and North America and Australia and New Zealand. 

There are several countries in Europe that now have negative rates of population growth. This is the result of sharp reduction in human fertility and also because of migration of people from some developed countries to those that are rich.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Migration, World and Students, continues. The World Students Society thanks author Shahid Javed Burki, former Vice President World Bank.

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