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THE RAGE IS ON : '' ! WORLD ANGELS SOCIETY ! '' most respectful and lovingly called : ! WAS ! And I repeat : 

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The World Students Society hopes to produce 'one of the greatest works of arts' for the children of the entire Mother Earth.

! BLESSINGS OF VOLUNTEERISM ! : IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME - when the Heroic Founder Framers get Sam Daily Times daily engaged reading time close to 30 minutes, I will suggest to the O ''Captain Imran Khan :

For an approved Charter to have Sam Daily Times : '' The Voice Of The Voiceless '' read and taught on a daily basis in every school in Proud Pakistan. That will generate a democratic debate for the day.

When we get to approximately 45 minutes of engaged reading time on Sam Daily Times, this Master Publication will get to charter in every school in the Developing World. Over an hour and a half and above, and with global content, Sam Daily Times will be read in every college and university in the world.

The World Students Society can save the world. Silicon Valley cannot save us. In this great nation of America : splendid volunteerism is even more notable since it has happened during a pandemic.

The most consequential election in generations has taken place during a year when politicians and campaign volunteers couldn't go door-to-door as they did before. Instead of feeling defeated, Americans came up with creative ways to meet the moment. Jazz musicians put on virtual benefit concerts.

Video gamers and entertainers used the livestream platform Twitch to encourage voting with a 12 - Election Day virtual party called #TwithTheVote. The singer Leslie Odom Jr., star of the musical ''Hamilton,'' released a video of himself singing ''Wait for It,'' to encourage Americans to be patient and wait for all votes to be counted.

The video is a public service announcement promoted by RepresentUs, a grass-roots anti-corruption campaign.

To prepare for potential postelection unrest in the United States, Facebook has suspended political groups recommendations, and Instagram said it would temporarily stop featuring recent posts on hashtag pages.

Twitter has added functions to limit the spread of misleading information and announced that it would not allow users, including candidates themselves, to claim victory before any race was to be called by state election officials or a public projection from at least two authoritative news outlets.

On Election Day, these companies' platforms greeted visitors with cheerful messages encouraging voting.

These are important changes, but they are tweaks, not overhauls, and they point to an uncomfortable truth. These networks are operating as designed. The core feature that makes social media so alluring also makes it a particularly effective political rage machine.

Designed to be addictive, these features drive the companies profits. If they replaced algorithmically -tailored and targeted newsfeeds with ones that simply displayed the most recent posts first, the sites would become less enraging - but also less engaging, losing their grip on the attention of the users, who may drift away.

Large, publicly traded companies are not going to make changes that fundamentally derail their business. And what a business it is. Last week some of the tech giants posted their best quarters ever, adding to their already enormous reserves of cash.

Google's parent company, Alphabet, raked in over $46 billion in revenue and had its highest ever profit, topping $11 billion. Ad spending on its YouTube platform grew 32 percent.

Facebook revenues rose 22 percent from a year earlier, to over $22 billion. Its profit rose even more, to nearly $8 billion. After an advertiser boycott this summer, facebook ad revenue is growing once more, along with its user base.

More than 2.54 billion people worldwide use one or more of Facebook's platforms [such as WhatsApp and Instagram], a 15 percent increase over a year earlier.

In the land of the giants, Twitter and its $936 million of third-quarter revenue seems small, but its user base and advertising revenue continue to grow.

The statistics reflect the economic power of social media companies in this pandemic year. American's maybe ambivalent about tech's power and trustworthiness, but they rely ever more heavily on these platforms for connection and communication.

Close to half of Americans now agree. Whatever the outcome of the election, it is likely that big policy changes are coming for social media and other tech companies in 2021.

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Social Media continues. The World Students Society thanks Editorial Staff The New York Times and Contributing Writer Margaret O'Mara.

With respectful dedication to the Founder Framers of !WOW! : Merium, Rabo, Dee, Haleema, Saima, Sara, Saher, Aqsa, Laksmi, Zilli, Juniper, Dantini, Hussain, Vishnu, Shahzaib, Salar, Zaeem, Hamza,  Bilal, Haider, Ali, Danyial, and Ehsan, and then the Students, Professors and Teachers of the World.

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