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IF EVER THERE WERE A YEAR TO TRY GAMES that can drop you into an alternate reality, 2020 would surely be it.

As the coronavirus restricts our travel and the never ending news cycle weighs on our minds, a virtual realty headset can provide some relief, escape and distraction [at least for a little bit] from actual reality. It is the best way to leave home from the comfort of your home.

The google like gadgets, which float a screen in front of your eyes to create a virtual 360-degree landscape, offer an immersive way to play increasingly powerful video games, make art, exercise or spend time with friends.

And it's a good time to get in on the action : In the past, VR headsets were attached to a computer and, for most people, prohibitively expensive. But the new generation is surprisingly approachable.

Facebook recently introduced the Oculus Quest 2, a $300 headset that Wirecutter named its top pick because it doesn't require cards or a computer, you can slip it on and start playing, though it does require a Facebook account to use.

An alternative is Playstations PVSR, but with outdated specs and a new Playsttation due in November, the PVSR will soon be obsolete. Other VR headsets, like the Vive and Valve Index, are pricier and require PCs.

The rapidly expanding VR universe, which is accessible from an app store within the headset, will please beginners of all tastes and ages. Here are some tips on where to begin.


''SUPERHOT'' [$25], a stylish first-person shooter game, challenges players to kill faceless red enemies with weapons like guns and ninja stars. Originally made for PC, the game translates perfectly to VR -gameplay relies on moving to avoid bullets and punches. If the player stops moving, so does everything else.

Not only does it feel like being in ''The Matrix,'' but it's also a nice touch for beginners who can stand still and pause the action when they begin to get overwhelmed.


If a slow paced puzzle is more your pace is more your pace, '' I Expect You to Die '' [$25] is one of the best examples for VR.

Each level is like an escape room, where players must use the items around them to complete challenges. such as starting a car before driving it out of an airplane or destroying a villain-developed machine. When players mess up, they die and the start the level over again.


''POPULATION ONE'' might not stand out among the increasingly crowded field of battle royale games available for Xbox or Playstation, but its the first worthy option for VR.

Parachute into town with the squad and then gather weapons, ammo and medical supplies to survive the coming battle. A constantly shrinking play area pushes players closer and closer to enemies, forcing them to fight to see which team is the last to survive, making it an adrenaline filled bonding experience.


Who else dreamed of being Ender Wiggin as a kid? ''Echo Arena,'' part of ''Echo VR'' [free] transports players to a zero-gravity battle room that looks looks like it is straight out of ''Ender's Game.'' 

Competitors fling themselves off walls and obstacles in hopes of tossing a disc through the opposing team's goal - but watch out for opponents trying to land a punch.


''Angry Birds'' helped to hook the world on mobile gaming where more than a decade ago, and the game works well in VR, too, where flinging feathered avian at green pigs and their flimsy dwellings in a tropical island settings has a surprisingly relaxing effect.

Angry ''Birds VR : Isle of Pigs'' [$15] also has the option to build custom levels, adding the ability to choose your own pigs, block materials, and use as much TNT as you want, for players who are into that sort of thing.


Deep with story, puzzles and actions, ''Half Life : Alys'' [$60] is a critically acclaimed game that links the stories of the beloved ''Half Life'' and ''Half-Life 2.'' Players collect resources, fight enemies and most impressively explore, a virtual landscape that feels rich in detail and opportunity for interaction.

This feels like the full-featured game that many of the VR's earliest adopters have been waiting for The Catch? It's a PC VR game, meaning it utilizes the power of a high-end computer to render its full effects.

It also requires an Oculus Link cable [$80] to run it on Quest 2 [owning both a PC and a Link cable will put many more VR games with your reach. [ The World Students Society thanks author Signe Brewster.]

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