MSZCZONOW : A 45.5 meter (150-foot) deep diving pool with artificial underwater caves and Mayan ruins, the world’s deepest such structure, opened near Warsaw this weekend.

The complex, named Deepspot, even includes a small wreck for scuba and free divers to explore.

It has 8,000 cubic meters of water. -more than 20 times the amount in an ordinary 25-meter pool. 

Unlike regular swimming pools, Deepspot can open despite coronavirus restrictions in Poland because it’s a training center that offers courses.

A hotel with rooms from which guests will be able to watch divers at a depth of five meters is also planned. “It’s the world’s deepest pool,’’ Deepspot director Michal Braszczynski, a 47-year-old diving enthusiast, said at the opening.

The current holder of the Guinness world record is in Montegrtto Terme in Italy and is 42 meters deep.

The Blue Abyss pool planned to open in Britain in 2021 will be 50 meters deep.


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