HOLDING WOMEN BACK RE : America is failing Moms. Let's Start Over'' : How long have I waited for some one to point out the disparities between what men can do and what women have been allowed to do.

In her commentary, Lyz Lenz lays it all out in all its annoying complexity. 

I was born in 1938 into a comfortable white culture that gave all its support to boys and ignored girls, who were expected to give their parents grandchildren and stick around to care for aging parents.

Somehow I managed two degrees and a professorship, all paid for by scholarship and fellowship. It is amazing that I ever achieved anything with so little support from family.

[ Time : Anne M. Culver, Denver ]


RE : ''Fewer Jobs - More Machines. We must not fear technological and scientific progress or hold back in any way.

History tells us that technological progress has created more, not fewer, jobs, albeit at higher skill levels. Herein lies the secret :

As societies advance technologically, they must also meet the challenge of providing better and broader education to all levels of their respective societies, become more cooperative, more inclusive and more sharing of the spoils progress.

Unfortunately, so far, too much of that progress appears to get stuck on the upper branches of the tree. [Time : Margit Alm, Eltham, Australia]


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