1.-  RE : ''So What Does Trump Have Against TIKTok?,'' by Josephine Wolff.

Ms. Wolff misses the real reason that President Trump wants to ban TikTok. It has nothing to do with China or national security.

TikTok was used to ruin his rally in Tulsa. Teenagers/Students were encouraged to reserve tickets to the rally and inflate the estimated attendance. They were then told not to attend.

The Trump team expected tens of thousands of attendees and planned indoor and outdoor events. But a much smaller number of people showed up, to the president's great embarrassment and anger.

This is how he is retaliating to his shaming by TikTok. It's personal, not business.

The World Students Society thanks author, Shauna Denkensohn, New York.

2.-  RE : ''Trump Officially Orders TikTok's Chinese owner to Divest'' [nytimes.com]

Last fall, I downloaded TikTok out of curiosity. Much has changed since then. Now, I see videos ranging from political cries to personal stories to movie recommendations - pretty much anything and everything is now on some corner of the app. Despite its generally meaningless, borderline idiotic videos, TikTok has taught me a lot.

On this endlessly creative platform, users have the opportunity to share their thoughts with a broad audience.

Seeing so many teens/students feel a similar existential bleakness reminds me that I'm not alone.

Simultaneously, TikTok is a space for people to voice their political opinions and rally for others' support. It was amazing to be part of something bigger, to congregate with others my age and amplify one otherwise overlooked voices.

Finally TikTok has opened my eyes to everyone's differing life experiences as I watch real faces, real voices, tell their tale of police brutality, sexism and other injustices.

While TikTok definitely has its flaws, I hope that President Trump will also recognize the work it has done in bringing a generation together.

The World Students Society thanks author, Emily Deng , Atherton, Calif.

3.-  There are some who feel that the president's banning of the TikTok app in the United States would be an overreaction and could negatively impact American companies like Facebook and Google.

TikTok videos have poked fun at the president, and by now we understand his slightly highly vindictive nature.

As we get closer to the election and poll numbers continue to look bad for the president, be prepared for more rash and possibly dangerous actions from the Oval Office.

The World Students Society thanks author, Mark Brady, Dix Hills, N.Y.


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