COMMUNICATIONS, both informally and across desks and in organised meetings, is far richer when conducted in person.

Most ideas occur when you are not sitting at computer screen.

At home, the instant you walk away from your computer you are surrounded by your home life and your mind will be engaged with family and domesticity.

As a business owner, I am aiming for 100% efficiency and effectiveness. Do you really think I should accept less than this so my staff don't have to travel to work?

That is a dangerous concept for businesses to adopt and one I suspect you won't find in places like China. I worry about our work ethic and its impact on our output.

However, we do need creative solutions to reduce the cost of commuting.

In Britain, how about waiving stamp duty on homes less than 30 minutes travel from one's place of work, encouraging people to live closer to the office.

The World Students Society thanks Luke Daspher, London [The Economist]


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