The Netflix co-CEO on company secrets, his new book : ''NO RULES RULES,'' and chilling.

1.- Do you remember that there was a time in this country when people received little plastic discs in the mail in red envelopes?

That's crazy! We still have a million DVD members, because on DVD you get a comprehensive selection - we have all the HBO stuff, ever movie ever made. And then of course it works in deep rural areas where we don't yet have broadband.

2.- Many of the rules in your book - have a talent-dense company, pay top-dollar- may work well at company that's minting money, but are not possible for many companies.

For most of our corporate life, we've been nearly broke, losing money and not the Yankees or the Patriots. And so whatever our budget is, though, we'd rather have the talent density. I think we actually get more done with that.

3.- What grade what you give your search and discovery features, which help subscribers find new movies and shows that they might enjoy?

Well, internally, I say we suck, compared to how good we want to be in three years. It's hard. It turns out that human taste is hugely variable.

4.  How many people do you have working and improving your discovery function?

It depends on the boundaries, but I'd say roughly 1,000 people.

5.-  What are you thinking hard about these days?

How do we share content around the world? Usually the linear networks, the HBOs and ABCs of the world, are very nation-specific.

And we're trying to do something where we have great French movies in America, where we've great German movies in the U.K. We're trying to share the world's content, and it's challenging.

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