PROJECT POWER is an entertaining thriller with plenty of high-octane action scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

PROJECT POWER has something in common with many of the action films released on Netflix of late; it focuses heavily on an interesting concept at the expense of the rest of the film.

The premise, which feels like it is torn from a video game, is that there's a pill in this world called 'Power' that can grant you unpredictable superpowers for exactly five minutes.

You can have super strength, extraordinary speed, invulnerability, freezing powers, or any other super power, after taking this pill.

However, if you overdo it, you could die, like Newt [Colson Baker], a drug dealer based in futuristic New Orleans, who gains the ability to catch fire - such as Johnny Storms from the Fantastic Four - until he pushes himself too far.

As you can imagine, this drug is in high demand. Newt's cousin, Robin [Dominique Fishback], an aspiring rapper and a Power drug dealer herself, is rescued by New Orleans Police Department Officer Frank Shaver [Joseph Gordon-Levitt] from those consumers hooked on the drug.

Interestingly, Frank is her customer too. Power gives him invulnerability by hardening his skin and making him bulletproof.

Although Frank has been using Power to stop the bad guys, he gets into trouble with his superiors for using the drug. He later learns that there's a conspiracy to let Power flow into the streets. Here, he investigates Art/The Major [Jamie Foxx]., one of the first people to use Power.

Fortunately, Art is one of the good guys, even if his means are questionable. He kidnaps Robin in order to get to the source of Power.

After taking on a drug cartel, we learn that Power users in New Orleans are guinea pigs and that Art, a former soldier, was hired by a defense contractor that experimented on him.

Now, he looks for his daughter Tracy. [Kyanna Simone Simpson], who was born with a superpower because of the experimentation. However, her abilities are innate, and she doesn't need pills to use her powers.

Soon, Art, Robin and Frank team up to take on the baddies in an action packed film.

The World Students Society thanks review author Noman Ansari.


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