QUICK TALK : Jane Fonda : The activist and actor, 82, has written a new book about her experiences leading ''Fire Drill Fridays,'' where she was arrested weekly in the fall of 2019 while calling for government action on climate change.

The Book : ''What Can I Do'' is presented as a guide for those who are concerned about the issue but unsure how to help.

1.- Do you think your book will get older voters to think about climate change and vote with the issue in mind?

They're already thinking about it! The young climate strikers globally have had a lot to do with that.

I am targeting the people who wrote the climate crisis and don't know what to do about tit. I'm teaching them more about it and then giving people things to do...........Civil disobedience has to become the new norm. No matter who is elected in November.

2.- You wrote that older women play a role in the movement. What do you mean by that?

First and foremost, older women generally tend to get braver, less afraid of being up front in expressing their anger. Studies show that women care more about the climate crisis. They're willing to do something about it. But women sometimes feel insecure about the science; I wanted to give the science so they could be more secure in that.

3.- You note that you wanted the blessings of fellow climate activists before getting involved. Why was that?

Imagine a movie star comes popping into D.C. and starts holding those rallies every Friday, without ever talking to the people who have been there for a year. We let with all other major environmental groups and the young activists, asking for their participation and their blessing. And we got along great.

4.- What was it like working together? Did you see parts of your younger activist self in them?

Oh my God. They're so much better than I was! I'm blown away. They are really smart. They're also very depressed................ these young people are carrying grief.

5.- How has your approach to activism evolved over the years?

Often in my younger years, because I went pretty quickly from being Barbarella to being an activist, I was kind of lost and confused, so I was other people's narratives. Now it's my narrative that I've metabolized. It's part of me and my body.

6.- How are the stakes different this time?

It's all consuming. This climate crisis is an existential issue that has to be dealt with if anything else is going to be achieved.

There were issues that mattered to me before, but they weren't life - or death - nothing else is going to matter if this isn't solved - like the climate crisis is. [Justin Worland]


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