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''' '' CAMEROON'S 



The common man is an uncommon person of the society. He undergoes colossal self-transformation stages and makes sacrifices in fashions as only to be found in books of fables.

The Cameroon society, soaked and reeking in poverty is one highly controlled dark society where individuals do not grow but are grown in patterns defined by the society elite's or ''the others''.

The common man is both the ingredient of the product to be consumed ''by the others'' and one day he becomes 'the others' and consumes the produce made out of other ingredients which he himself once used to be. So uncommon is the common man.

The World Students Society acknowledges and appreciates these great philosophic lines from author Jehangir Kakkar.

So while, the major portion of the developing world is waiting for a Digital Tsunami, and looking at  Automation, Innovation, as critical survival skills to learn and master, Cameroon goes about attacking and killing its innocent students.

Since long, world economies have been struggling to reopen, when they were once again asked to roll back to partial and even total lockdown as coronavirus cases continue to rise at a rapid pace across the globe.

The rising coronavirus cases are dimming hopes for a strong and timely US stimulus package, coupled with the fear of no-deal Brexit, have caused  jitters in global stock markets.

But in Cameroon, the under-currents of the separatists are tuned to hearing and acting on different ruthless tunes.

CAMEROON WAS IN SHOCK ON SUNDAY after a massacre at a school in the English-speaking southwest of the country - which the government has blamed on separatist militants there.

Communications Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi said that ''groups of armed secessionists terrorists'' had carried out ''a terrorist act of  unbeatable cruelty and barbarity.''

Army spokesman Cyrille Atonfack Guemo told AFP that seven children had been killed, while the government had initially spoken of six ''murdered'' and the UN said at least eight were killed and twelve wounded by gunfire and blows from machetes.

The government said 13 children students had been wounded during the raid on the bilingual school in the town of Kumba - seven of them seriously.

Around 10 people on three motorbikes burst into the compound of the private Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy, said Sadi.

They ''coldly opened fire on the pupils who were in the classrooms,'' he added.

A statement on Saturday from the local UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs [OCHA] said the assailants had also used machetes.

African Union Commission chief Moussa Faki Muhamad condemned the attack in a statement on Twitter late Saturday.

''There are no words for the grief, nor condemnation strong enough to express my horror at the brutal attack,,,,,,,,,,.'' he wrote.

Opposition leader Maurice Kamato denounced what he described as ''an absolute horror''.

Doctors Without Borders [MSF], whose staff were treating some of the wounded, described that attack as ''a reprehensible and indecent act''.

''Civilian structures including schools and hospitals must not be targets,'' said Albertu Jodra Marcos.  MSF emergency coordinator in the region.

''What happened yesterday is beyond anyone comprehension,'' Jodra Marcos told AFP.

''There is anger, but there is also fear what is going to happen now. The violence is going to intensify and the civilian population will be in the middle of it, unfortunately, '' he added.

On Sunday, a small crowd of people. mainly women gathered in Kumba, to march and protest against the killings.

Sadi said the aim of the attackers had been to stop the return to schools that had been taking place in the Northwest and Southwest provinces, where English-speaking separatists have are fighting for independence.

The two English speaking regions in the mainly franco-phone country have become the centre of the conflict, with separatists targeting the army and demanding local government offices and schools close.

Rights groups have accused both the separatists and government troops of having killed civilians during the conflict since 2017.

The fighting has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people and forced over 700,000 to flee their homes.

Last year, two students were killed by the separatists in Buea, the capital of Southwest region in what an official described as ''reprisal'' for opposing the forced school closures. [AFP]

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